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Now, this makes up for so much. It might even be a series saver, for me.

Maybe it’s because I just watched a bunch of stupid MAURY videos on YouTube with some friends just recently, but MAGI couldn’t have morphed into a tawdry talk show at a better moment. After an interminably-long, super-serious arc about the nature of power and betrayal, there’s something so thrillingly cathartic about an entire episode being devoted essentially to Sinbad's trial as a manwhore.

I’m sure there a plenty of uptight fans who found this episode offensive - - a crass serving of filler that's interrupted their heroic adventure. Those fans need to lighten the hell up.

I don’t know if there’s anything more to say about this? The entertainment value is so simple that any amount of analysis feels like its dampening the fun. It’s like your health teacher making you explain why you "find video games enjoyable" It’s just kind-of taking something and turning it… lame.

Seriously, do I really need to explain to anybody why 22 minutes of a bunch of fantasy heroes pointing their fingers at one of their own over accusations of skankiness is absolutely hilarious? Do I?

No. I’m just leaving it there. See it for yourself.

Watch this episode, “The Name of the Culprit Is Sinbad" here and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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The ol if you have to explain the joke theory eh?Once had english teacher ask me that same question about video games. My reply was "it keeps me out of trouble.Or rather from causing you trouble teacher." Seemed to do the trick.Tho year later had a bilogy teacher claim video games make people brain dead. To whcih i replyed "yes siting on average 6 hours in front of the tv per day, being told what to think surely promotes free thought."

Series was past due for some light heartedness .An yet it sets up some darker turns for later.Tho this didnt feel as filler as much as it felt rushed to me.

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Oh ho, what is going on here?
Oh ho, what is going on here?

This episode was silly, but it actually happened in the manga. It still acts like a filler. I still enjoy it.

The episode does reveal how Djinn Equip works in a way. Still, it doesn't reveal everything. It also gives a glimpse into how Masrur, Jafar, Yamuraiha, and Sharrkan met Sinbad.

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