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This was another one of those episodes where I was starting to compose a couple paragraphs in my head while watching the first half, then I had to promptly abandon them once I got into the second half. So I guess this is the textbook example of a “half-good” installment, then.

See, for the first half, my interest in this extended Balbadd intrigue was really stretched past its limit. I was wondering how we went from such a swiftly-paced show to one that just seemed to linger on one particular back-and-forth to the point of redundancy.

There might be a very valid question of, “Well, if the plot doesn’t play out here, where should it play out instead?” but MAGI really established a pace in the first bunch of episodes where it’d set-up a new location and resolve its conflict within the space of about three episodes. As such, this last arc has almost felt like a race car getting a flat tire after it pulled over in one little town on the way to the finish line. All the discussion and development of the good and the bad moth-like magoi really started to sound like mumbo jumbo.

Then we got to the second half, Aladdin finally woke up out of the damn coma, and MAGI presented one of the more clever and impressive leveling-up scenes I’ve found in any anime. The notion of a magi receiving all the powers of his genie is actually rather terrifying and awesome to behold, and there was also something just fundamentally amusing about how this world’s equivalent of reaching Super Saiyan is unlocking the third eye of King Solomon (or something along those line, anyway).

I’m searching for something more specific to say, but this episode was honestly a case of me just sort-of watching, and gradually zoning out, then eventually perking up once something really interesting happened. Now, I’m very, very intrigued about what’s going to happen when a blue haired lil’ moppet wields all the powers of creation...

Watch this episode, “Solomon's Wisdom" here and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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Belive the next episode was where i left off .So can watch an learn then with the rest of the class.I think pacing was screwed up when it switched seasons . It felt to me like they were a bit surprised to still be doing the anime.Which also acounts for some animation quality level drops here an there to.

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It's almost done. The new arc is a somewhat refreshing. Aladdin's Wisdom of Solomon is one of the coolest powers in this show. The episode was a bit of a drag. I didn't enjoy it much. Though, Judar x Sinbad fans will love this scene.

Jafar: Sit back quietly, Sinbad. I'll make you mine later.
Jafar: Sit back quietly, Sinbad. I'll make you mine later.

As for pacing, I think Sindria arc (the arc after Balbadd) is much quicker. Though, the manga fans didn't enjoy it much as it cuts out some good parts and did a new twist. For me, I don't mind as long as Magi is entertaining.

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So he has all the powers of creation...without the itty bitty living space? I see what you did there....

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