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Magi - The Labyrinth of Magic is an manga series in the Magi franchise
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Ahbmad Saluja

Ahbmad Saluja is Alibaba's brother and the eldest son of the Balbadd's late king Saluja in the Magi franchise.


A young Magi who possesses a magical flute with a Djinn inside it. He currently journeys with Alibaba and Morgiana along with new allies along the way.

Alibaba Saluja

He's a ambitious man who seeks to clear dungeons in order to become the richest man in the world.


Amon is a Djinn in the Magi the Labyrinth of Magic series.

Anise Saluja

Anise is Alibaba's mother who was a former maid at the Saluja palace and now a prostitute in the Magi franchise.


Apollonius is a mage who is part of the Al Sarmen organization.


Baba (Chagan Shaman) is a head of the Kouga clan in the Magi series.


Banker is a mysterious character who is in charge of treasury in the Magi the Labyrinth franchise.


Barkak is the general of Balbadd's Royal Army.


Budel is a merchant who only cares about money and himself.


Byoln is a swordsman of Al Sarmen organization.


Dorji is a Kouga clansman in the Magi series.


Drakon is one of Sinbad's Eight Generals who used to be a human but now has the form of a dragon.

Dunya Musta'sim

Dunya Musta'sim is a former princess of the Musta'sim kingdom.


Fatima is a slave trader in the Magi franchise.


Goltas is Jamil's slave.

Hakuei Ren

Hakuei Ren is the first princess of the Kou Empire in the Magi series.

Hakuryuu Ren

Hakuryuu Ren is the fourth prince of the Kou Empire and the younger brother of Hakuei Ren in the Magi franchise.


Hassan is one of the Fog Troupe members in the Magi franchise.


Hinahoho is a Imuchak warrior from the north and a member of Sinbad's Eight Generals.


Isaac is Dunya's knight.


Isnan is a member of the Al Sarmen.


Jafar is Sinbad's adviser.


Jamil is the boss of Qishan and a slave owner of Morgiana and Goltas.


Judal is a Magi who serves Kou empire in the Magi the Labyrinth of Magic franchise.


Kashim is Alibaba's childhood friend in the slums who lives with Alibaba's mother.

Koubun Ka

Koubun Ka is Kougyoku's servant.

Kouen Ren

Kouen Ren is Kou Empire's first prince in the Magi franchise.

Kougyoku Ren

Kougyoku Ren is one of the princesses of the Kou Empire.

L Nando

L Nando is the brother of S Nando in the Magi franchise.


Laylah is a character in the Magi franchise.

M Nando

M Nando is one of the three Nando brothers in the Magi franchise.


Mariam is Cassim's younger sister in the Magi franchise.


Masrur is a Fanalis who is one of the eight generals of Sindria in the Magi franchise.


As a descendent of the Finalis Clan, Morgiana possesses immense physical strength and agility. She joins Aladdin and Alibaba in their journey some time after leaving Jamil's side.


Nadja is a young girl who was taken into slavery in the Magi franchise.


Paimon is a genie who is Hakuei's partner in the Magi franchise.


Pisti is a member of Sinbad's Eight Generals.

Rashid Saluja

Rashid Saluja is the former Balbadd King who is the father of Alibaba, Ahbmad, and Sahbmad in the Magi franchise.


Ryosai is the former general in the Magi series.

S Nando

S Nando is a former thief in the Magi franchise.

Sahbmad Saluja

Sahbmad Saluja is Alibaba's brother and the second son of the late Balbadd King Saluja in the Magi franchise.


Sahsa is a character in the Magi franchise.


Scheherazade is a Magi from the Reim Empire.

Seishun Ri

Seishun Ri is Hakuei's right hand man in the Magi series.


Sharrkan is a master swordsman who is a member of Sinbad's Eight Generals.


Sinbad is the king of Sindria and the leader of the Seven Seas Alliance in the Magi franchise.


Spartos is a young warrior from Sasan and a member of Sinbad's Eight Generals.


Tiare is a Toran girl in the Magi franchise.


Toto is a citizen in the Reim Empire and one of the members in the Yamabala Gladiators.

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