Magi - The Labyrinth of Magic Things

Magi - The Labyrinth of Magic is an anime series in the Magi franchise
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Aladdin's Flute

Aladdin's Flute is the vessel of Ugo in the Magi series.

Aladdin's Staff

Aladdin's Stone Staff was Aladdin's first staff that was obtained from Amon's Dungeon. Its appearances change from stone to wood like.

Amol Saika

Amol Saika is Alibaba's sword.

Amol Selseira

Amol Selseira is Morgiana's Household Vessel.

Balalark Kauza

Balalark Kauza is Masrur's Household Vessel.

Balalark Saika

Balalark Saika is Sinbad's Djinn Equip armor.

Balalark Sei

Balalark Sei is Jafar's Household Vessel.

Hakuryuu's Bisento

Hakuryuu's Bisento houses Zagan's power, and it's his Djinn Metal.

Kougyoku's Hairpin

Kougyoku's Hairpin is a Djinn Metal that houses Vinea, Kougyoku's Djinn.


Permanent marks left on the body after a deep cut or wound. Mostly given to characters with a history of violence.

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