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Whether it’s over a monthly comic or a weekly TV show, there’s a very distinct emotion to taking in a serial with the foreknowledge of its impending cancellation. ‘Bittersweet’ is maybe too maudlin a word, but it’s still hard to enjoy anything these final installments do well as they count down because they feel unavoidably compromised. It’s almost like watching third-stringers on a high school team who the coaches put in for the final quarter because they know the game’s already lost but, hey, at least everybody will get to play.

Yes, I’m aware that MAGI isn’t actually cancelled. As far as I can tell, it’s running out to its full, 26-episode order. Still, as I’ve repeatedly brought up before, the interminable Balbadd arc blew such a hole in this show’s tire that it’s really difficult to enjoy anything that’s come after it without the sense that it’s all been compromised.

Morgiana gets her chance to really shine, at last, in this bout of dungeon-raiding - - and the whole time, I’m wondering why she didn’t get the spotlight 10 episodes ago.

Sure, her (apparent?) sacrifice at the end is properly surprising and moving, but I feel like it isn’t as surprising or moving as it could’ve been if the timing had been better. MAGI’s biggest mistake was losing focus on the three leads - - you know, the ones featured in the intro - - it should’ve just kept concentrating on. Instead, we had this long, unblinking stare on Alibaba while Morgiana and Aladdin were more-or-less just sitting (or sleeping) on the sidelines. It was an irretrievable loss of precious running time.

All this world-building business about Judar’s role as a Magi and his confusion over Aladdin’s confounding existence as a fourth Magi should have seriously been introduced far earlier. I just can’t see any of it being properly developed - - let alone resolved satisfyingly - - in the scant episodes we have left. The show’s living on borrowed time, even though it was given a totally adequate amount to work with at the start.

Watch this episode, "Household of Flames" here and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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I felt like she had a lot of good moments in the series but I like to see the heartwarming moments with her and this action one as a whole.

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Fairly sure shes not dead . But this one set up more than it needed to. New opener i hope is not a spoiler.I try hard to avoid the opening of shows just for that reason.

Whole fall tho i was thinging great shes gona have chians like ghost rider .. an sorta kinda well...Any way watchable episode for sure.Tho the death of the made zagan or whatever didnt feel as good as it should..Cutesy an horrior plays well when you add creepy to the mix. a a villian he lacked creepy.

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I wish they reanimate Morgiana's dance scene a bit better. The theme song did it better. Magi covers more of Aladdin in the later arcs that is in manga territory. The anime has changed the ending of Sindria's arc, and it focuses more on Alibaba.

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