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It’s as if I just watched a hurried finale that was rushed together because the show was abruptly cancelled. Sure, I’ve seen the “additional episodes” tab on Hulu. I know there are plenty of episodes left still. I know that logically, but I’m talking about feelings here, and an episode that stretches its sentimental reunions into the credits and then bows out without any sort of cliffhanger certainly feels like a final one.

Actually, that’s really been more to the point - - what’s actually left to resolve?

All the bad guys have been beaten, Aladdin’s got all the powers of Solomon, Alibaba’s reconciled all his personal demons and peace has been restored to all of Balbadd. You could walk away from this show and not feel any of nagging thoughts there being something to come back for. Seeing that happen in a shonen show - - a genre designed to keep you hungry but never full - - feels kind of off, honestly.

As awash as I am in all the good feelings that the spiritual reunion carries, I can’t help but feel like the show has majorly flubbed its stated purposes. It hasn’t quite dropped the proverbial ball, but it has fumbled it.

Well, what am I saying? MAGI been flubbing it for a couple episodes. This one even recreated my exact arc of interest for the last episode. The first half kind of just shambled around this interminable relationship drama between Alibaba and Cassim; then the second half suddenly saved the game by introducing a startling parade of power-ups and transformations.

I wouldn’t say the show has jumped the shark so much as it’s just been riding bareback on it. Does that make sense to any of you dedicated viewers?

Watch this episode, “Smile" here and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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I don't remember the name of the group but "the group that is causing striff and bloodshed to occur around the world" is still at large. It may seem a bit improvised, but you'll soon see the new threat that causes the next arc to take shape. It's a bit shorter but I think it has just as many moments. After that arc, when the enemy is made more certain and looming than ever, it feels much more like a to be continued.

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It's Al Sarmen.

For this episode, it was pretty decent. The things that are left unresolved are the fate of Balbadd, Al Sarmen's motives, and Kou Empire issues.

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I came for the caption contest

"KIDS! Don't do drugs! Real friends don't let their friends get stoned!"

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This is kinda what i been saying at a certian point it really feels like they were set to be canceled. Then the axe over their heads was taken away. So instead of filler we got episodes kinda padded.More than slightly off on quality.Watchable ya but not where it was at the start.

In driving it would be like you skiped a gear poorly.The shift feels bad. Not car sick bad but whiplash bad.But is their things to wrap up or more things to see. Ya alot actualy.Big world build set up is done now you have a play ground of dungeons an a evil organization to fend off.

Alota potential here.But at this point in a series you dont want potential you want performance.

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