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You know, usually in this column, I’m only ever drawing surprising plot parallels between anime shows. Today, it’s I’m finding coincidental connections to (and that isn’t the first time, I think? I write so many of these, I lose track).

NEGLIGIBLE SPOILERS for last night’s episode: there’s a bit of intrigue about one of the main characters taking over a castle’s financial matters and thereupon discovering that the kingdom actually has many debts that could become disastrous to its ongoing war effort.

Call it “triply-coincidental” for me to be watching both of these episodes around tax day, but it goes to show that banking, lending, debts, interest and the like have been a part of the human experience ever since two cavemen got the idea to trade sea shells for goods and services. We don’t like to think of this stuff as having the same sort of legendary lineage as, say, swordsmanship (because it’s also been terribly boring stuff since those paleolithic days), so anybody who can entertainingly weave accounting conflicts into a proper action-adventure gets kudos from me.

Now, with all that said, the notion of Alibaba’s evil step-brother trying to pay off debts by selling his citizens off as a slave is just a diabolically clever plot twist. The show looks to be exploring slavery from various thematic angles - - contrasting Aladdin as a virtuous master in contrast to the abusive mastery of the other Magi, for instance - - and this would be a perfect evil master plan to encapsulate that.

Maybe more impressively, it’s quite a logical basis. Abhmad isn’t trying to blow up the planet or anything. He’s just trying to keep his luxurious station, regardless of the cost he inflicts on those he’s supposed to serve.

On the negative side, while I did like the look of the new baddies introduced in this episode, I hope the show eases back on introducing any more new characters for the next few episodes. MAGI's cast has already grown faster than I keep track of, and over-stuffing a cast can be one of the easiest shonen pitfalls.

Watch this episode, “A New Visitor" here and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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The hook line here "In honor of tax day... BEWARE THE EVIL ACCOUNTANTS!" hints they may be other flavors than evil for accontants?!

Funny every acountant i have known has said they were evil an one goverment paycheck from being a irs agent.Some were to be fair more "come to the dark side we have cookies" brand of evil tho.

Also The one negative i could lay on MAGI's would be at times its bit easy to not pay atention to so many characters. But similar shows but more subplot heavy like Durarara!! or Baccano! demands your attention .Paying half attention to such shows cuts the fun in half as well. At least with MAGI you can miss a little an still enjoy whats going on.

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Yeah, slavery and economy equals one hell of a problem.

Magi tends to introduces a lot of new characters. We don't even see them much except for Sinbad and his crew. Good news, we will get to see Kougyoku for a while if you like her. She voiced by Kana Hanazawa who voices my favorite tsundere character, Saaya Agata from Sket Dance.

Oh, Tom. If you need images, Daniel Newton and I upload a lot of the episode snapshots in the anime gallery for the wiki. We completed up to episode 25.

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