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From the creators of Noir, a girls-with-guns action series wherein the pasts of an assassin in a war-torn country and a European high-school girl are mysteriously intertwined.

Gazth-Sonica is a small country in Asia, torn by civil war and almost ignored by the rest of the world. Young noblewoman Margaret Barton lives in the little European state of Nafrece with her maid Eleanor Baker, seemingly a world away. Margaret lost her memory in a plane crash 12 years ago, and is plagued by terrifying dreams and hallucinations. Her only link with her past is a damaged, bloodstained foreign book that her missing father left for her.

Margaret doesn't know that it is a holy book, sought by secret organization Enfant and its weird masked leader, Friday Monday; but she is convinced that she must try to find her father and resolve the mystery of her past. She hires Madlax, a mercenary willing to do anything from assassination to intelligence gathering, to take her into Gazth-Sonica and find her father. The two girls seem very different-a lonely, confused teenager from a privileged background and a tough, self-reliant mercenary-but they have more in common than they know, not the least an uncanny resemblance to the lead characters of creator/director Mashimo's earlier Noir.

However, Madlax has a distinct change of pace from its predecessor in the girls-with-guns genre, telling its leads' stories in two completely separate arcs that slowly converge on each other in the course of the story. It thus takes almost half the series for the actual plotline to turn up in anything more than hints and rumors-compare to Gunslinger Girl.
Series Credits
Person Name Episode Count
Yuki Kajiura
Koichi Mashimo
Yosuke Kuroda

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General Information Edit
Name Madlax
Name: マドラックス
Romaji: Madorakkusu
Publisher Bee Train Production Inc.
Start Year 2004
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