CCI '09: Marvel Animation Panel Liveblog

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People here you ‘might’ know: 

Greg Johnson 
Warren Ellis 
Craig Kyle
Steve Blum 
Masao Maruyama, CEO of Madhouse Studios
Welcome to Marvel Animation. Comic-con needs to stop handing out energy drinks. I don’t have time to grab bottled waters, so they’re all I’ve been drinking. I hope my body can take it! 
Who wants a Marvel Anime? The word on the street is that we’re gonna get a first look at an Anime rendition of “Marvel” by Madhouse. 
Normally a late panel is in no way a surprise, but a given my current energy drink twitch, I'm totally ready to hulk out. The lights have dimmed and we're watching a compilation of Marvel Animation titles both old and new. People are cheering for Hulk vs. Wolverine.
Eric Rollman is describing the evolution of the beloved 90's cartoon into our current projects. The rise of the stand alone cartoons in particular is something they hit on. Announcement: Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes will be joining the Nicktoons line-up. 
Giant CG Ultimo and MODOK are kinda cool, but we need more Steve Blum. New episodes start tonight at 7 PST. Go watch it! Now onto Wolverine and the X-men. Banter, banter, banter. Ooo, they're showing us shots from an episode with Wolverine in Mojoverse, as well as Archangel. Might not mean much, but Mojo and the Mojoverse are usually always fun. DEADPOOL. Whoa, wait... doesn't Nolan North do Cyclops? This could be awkward.

AWESOME CONTENT AFTER THIS LINE:: One of the Lionsgate/Madhouse animated titles will be "Planet Hulk." Don't know if it will lead into the World War Hulk though. Looks great though.
If you could compress the entire Iron Man trailer into one shot, this would probably be it.
If you could compress the entire Iron Man trailer into one shot, this would probably be it.
"Wolverine Anime" - super, super, anime stylized. I just saw a young'ish, skinny Wolverine destroy an army of ninjas and demons. Sold. Expect that in 2010.
"Iron Man Anime" - Oh man, if Japan could animate anything, it would be fighting robots. Light cg, well implemented. Iron Man just destroyed a city in the process of saving it,
Quote of the Day:
Masao Maruyama "I've put myself into this project body and soul. I think you will like it, but if you don't... I'm probably fired (looks at Warren Ellis)... Can I stay here?"
The four Madhouse anime series have been revealed!: Iron Man, Wolverine, Blade, and X-Men.
Hopefully 2010. Details and shots will follow as they become available. 
Done. NOT. First peak at Thor, Tales of Asgard. Looks great, except the end, where it said 2011.
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I was at that panel too. The animation for Iron Man and Wolverine was incredible. It was mentioned the animation we saw was test animation, not necessarily representative of characters or storylines. It was really well done animation though, the crowd cheered it quite wholeheartedly!
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Maruyama and Madhouse does it again!
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I can't wait, Iron Man is my jam
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seriously, Iron Man is the first mecha otaku
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Iron man anime? Planet Hulk anime? I think I'm going to need a new pair of pants.

Wow I forgot about Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes...Thats kind of ok.
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Thats a very good line up I'm excited!!XD
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I just finished Slowpoking my way through Marvel Ultimate Alliance and I could not be more excited about all this. Anything involving Thor is automatically awesome.
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Also, just to update. Fantastic Four and Hulk are not anime, F4 is a tv series on NickToons and Hulk with be a 2010 American release.
Anyway, I wanted to say more about the Wolverine anime. One cool thing about this younger looking Logan is that the blades almost seemed mystical at times. It wasn't always blades slicing grossly through bodies, he would make arm motions and there would be streamers of light following the blades. It is difficult to describe but beautiful in execution. If the anime are as good as the test trailers no one will be sorry for what Madhouse creates.
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It's so cool to see Iron Man, Wolverine, Blade, and X-Men get the anime treatment.  I can finally see Wolverine kill some people.
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@JohnnySake: You're right on the Hulk and Fantastic four bit, though hulk is being animated by Madhouse. Unsure about the Thor one. I think the almost mystic, subtle murder claws were mildly off putting, but it was... beautiful. Though the time crunch left me a little unable to address every bit of the panel. My hope is to go more in depth after I get time/my hands on some shots from the trailer.
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