Macross Characters

Macross is an anime series in the Macross franchise
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Hikaru Ichijou

The protagonist of SDF Macross. Hikaru begins the series as a young stunt pilot who finds himself dragged into Earth's first interstellar war. He rises through the ranks eventually commanding his mentor's Fighter Squadron and piloting his prized Valkyrie fighter.

Maximilian Jenius

One of the Wingman of Hikaru and the mos gifted pilot of the UN spacy.

Milia Fallyna

A Meltran, a female zentraedi and the best mecha pilot of the entire Zentraedi army.

Minmei Lynn

Lynn Minmei is one of the primary characters of Super Dimensional Fortress Macross. Her singing is instrumental in turning Space War I in Earth's favor.

Roy Focker

The best friend of Hikaru.

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