Macross is a franchise comprised of 4 movies, 9 anime series
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A lengthy sci-fi franchise featuring an alternative history of the earth beginning in 1999 (which when made, was in the future).

A Giant Space ship crash lands on earth with no survivors in the middle of world war III. The Governments of the earth unite out of fear.

Some years later after the crash of the giant alien space craft the earth is at peace. Work on repairing the alien craft is going well along with the discovery of new & exciting technologies. The first & most important of these new technologies is a new clean organic power source, miniscule in size to the amount of energy it out puts. This energy source is called ProdoCulture (The Seed of life), the most sought after energy source in the universe.

Discovered by ZOR the greatest scientist in the history of the Alien RobotechMasters ( a race very similar to human this was explained as Earth people being something of a lost colony of the Masters) . The giant ship that belonged to ZOR crash landed on earth. This was his own personal scientific & research vessel. Bringing with it "the seed of life" which brought the now (thanks to the seed of life) immortal Robtechmasters universal domination over all other forms of life in the universe. Yet it's secrets were closely guarded by ZOR the scientist who discouvered it on a backward primitive planet. He felt betrayed by the Masters after they slaughtered the peaceful inhabitants of the only planet known to them, in the universe that could grow the seeds of life. The Invid Home world, which would prove to be their biggest mistake.

ZOR in fear for the rest of the universe escaped the clutch's of the Evil Robotech masters taking with him the secrets of the Flower of life & all the Robtechnology, plus some new inventions far superior. ZOR Fled wounded & dying in his Super Dimensional Fortress, a giant highly advanced prototype alien space Ship with many experimental weapons of his own design, one such devastating device called A Reflux Cannon.

All alone & dying the cause, when he was accidentally mortally wounded by the Robotech masters during his escape from them. So ZOR took a gamble, unable to control his mighty ships flight he took it to the furthest corner of the universe to a small young people, whom he had been studying & saw within them the potential for greatness. He took it to earth & died while trying to land his ship crashed on a place called Macross Island.

This is the story of Macross Island & about the fifty foot tall giant aliens genetically engineered by the robtechmasters to conquer the universe for them. Nothing else exists for the but war & loyalty to the masters (who thought them nothing of love art creativity music only just how to kill & die a disposable slave race bred for war) . The Zentradie get sent after ZOR with strict guidelines to capture not kill or destroy the ship.

For It is all about the alien Robotechmasters Trying to get the secrets of the flower of life Back, before they them selves run out the flower they have left. It is also a story about the humans who fight back with better technology then expected because of the Gifts ZOR left for them to find in his ship. One being an greatly increased intelligence boost for the first person to touch his ships command computer consul.

Fortunately for earth it was their greatest scientist who got the Gift from ZORs computer consul, of a super IQ increase & the secret knowledge of Robtechnology downloaded into his brain. Soon after entering the crashed giant ship after it had crashed on Macross Island then cooled down enough for them to approach it. Most importantly Macross is a story about two people finding each other in the middle of the war to end all wars.

Series Chronology

Ever since the very first series, many sequels and prequels came out, and some of them were regarded as parallel storyline.

Show TitleTypeChronology
Macross ZeroOVA2008
The Super Dimension Fortress MacrossTV Series2009-2012
Macross 7TV Series2045-2046
Macross FrontierTV Series2059
General Information Edit
Name: Macross
Name: マクロス
Romaji: Makurosu
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