Macross Zero

Macross Zero is an anime series in the Macross franchise
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United Nations pilot Shin Kudou crashes on a tropical island and discovers a secret linking the island to an ancient alien civilization.

Episode 1: The Ocean, The Wind, And...

Shin Kudo, a pilot for the United Nations, retells the story of the landing of the SDF-1 Macross the night of 1999. The world soon goes to war and Shin looses his family to the fighting. When he is old enough he become a pilot flying an F-14kai. His carrier group is engaging Mig-29 Fulcrums when they come under fire by an unidentified aircraft (the SV-51). Shin's entire team is destroyed by the advanced fighter and just as Shin thinks he has downed the fighter, it transforms into batroid mode and unloads on his plane with its gunpod.

Shin later wakes up on and island, rescued by its natives. He tries to find out where he is but the natives have no modern technology what so ever. The Anti-UN and the U.N. Spacey have another skirmish, this time with the U.N. pilots using the VF-0 Phoenix Variable fighters (the immediate predecessor to the VF-1 Valkyire). Shin and Sara Nome watch the battle unfold.

Episode 2: The Stars on the Ground

Episode 3: Blue Death Match

Episode 4: Jungle

Episode 5: The Bird-Man

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General Information Edit
Name Macross Zero
Name: マクロスゼロ
Romaji: Makurosu Zero
Publisher Satelight
Start Year 2002
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Aliases Macross 0
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