Macross F: The Official Itasha

Topic started by gia on Feb. 25, 2009. Last post by transgojobot 6 years, 1 month ago.
Post by gia (3,032 posts) See mini bio Level 13
Are you familiar with itasha, the practice of decorating a car anime-style? We're talking a precise, clean, and probably hideously expensive paint job, not some smattering of decals here. The word is actually a portmanteau of itai (which is said when something causes pain) and -sha, which is a suffix for automobiles (like densha, train); the idea is that it's painful on the eyes...even when it's not.

And what could be painful about this gorgeous (and official) Macross Frontier itasha? Intended to promote the upcoming movie, the left side is devoted to the green-haired moe girl Ranka Lee, and the right to the brazen and buxom Sheryl Nome. II'm a Sheryl girl, but I'm not too fond of her picture here-- she looks like she's been sitting in a cold bathtub too long. Or like a zombie. Hmm.

Oh, and for good measure, Alto and Michael appear on the top of the car, where no one can see them, and they're holding hands. Awww...

Post by Niko (865 posts) See mini bio Level 8
I could do without the top, but otherwise, I want the car. I like the Sheryl side more too.
Post by gia (3,032 posts) See mini bio Level 13
Who actually sees the top of a car, anyway? At least a tall car like this one. @_@; Poor Alto =P
Post by Sigue (860 posts) See mini bio Level 8
I want that van.
Post by OkazukiIchigo (350 posts) See mini bio Level 11
Dude! Pimp up my car!
Post by transgojobot (122 posts) See mini bio Level 2
As a "moving print ad", it does its job. But the design of it is just so-so. Why not a Valkyrie inspired van or something? That might be kickin', if done well.

If they did this for the upcoming EVA 2.0 movie, would it have a giant can of UCC coffee on top of it (i.e. Red Bull cars)?
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