Mackerel Boiled in Miso Bento 674kcal

Mackerel Boiled in Miso Bento 674kcal is an anime episode of Ben-To that was released on 10/15/2011

Yo Sato and Hana Oshiroi officially join the "Half Priced Food Lovers Club" under president Sen "Ice Queen" Yarizui. Sen teaches Yo and Hana the rules of being a "wolf". Keep the peace while the manager is around, don't take more than you need, and always have respect and pride.

Yo and Hana try once again to get a half-priced bento but are unsuccessful. After traveling to a second store they learn about the other categories of shoppers. The boar is a regular shopper with no pride or respect that forces the manager to give her all of the half-priced bentos. Wolves try to stop the boar but are all overpowered by her ferocity. Yo and Hana are forced to split a full priced dinner.

Ume, one of Hana's friends continues to fight Yo over her friendship and ends up kidnapping her the next day so that she can't participate. Yo goes alone to the store and learns about the storm, a large group of rugby players without pride or respect that take the half-priced bentos. Seeing the storm and the return of the boar, Yo and the other wolves decide to move onto the next store. While leaving, a wolf by the name of The Wizard arrives at the store. Yo decides that he will just grab a full priced meal from the store. While picking out his dinner, The Wizard encourages Yo to have pride and to stand up to the boar and the storm. With the The Wizard's help the boar is defeated. The rest of wolves return as a matter of pride and to keep the disrespectful storm from getting the bentos. After defeating the other shoppers the wolves turn on each other in their competition to get the half-priced bentos. Yo is succesfully able to grab one this time ensuring his first victory.

After returning to the club house Yo recieves a mix of threatening calls from Ume and upset texts from Hana. Sen reveils that The Wizard is third year student Yuu Kaneshiro. Sen also reveals that Yo has acquired the bento marked with the Manager's Honor Seal. The receiver of the Honor Seal is often the best bento and wolf that acquires it is often deemed the winner of the night. Sen places the honor seal in a scrap book to comemerate the occasion. In the scrap book Yo sees that Yuu also has Honor Seals indicating that at one time he belonged to Half Priced Food Lovers Club.

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