Machine Hayabusa

Machine Hayabusa is an anime series
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The world of Formula One racing has become a lawless battlefield after the victories of the Black Shadow team and their leader Ahab the Devil King. Only the Nishionji racing team is prepared to make a sporting stand with their star driver, the vengeful Ken Hayabusa, whose brother was killed by Black Shadow. Ken's car, the Hayabusa Special, enables him to beat all opponents, however treacherous. Luckily he's part of a supportive team of drivers, mechanics, and administrative staff, who will willingly give their all to see their leader head the field. Created by Mikiya Mochizuki and directed by Tezuka coworker Yugo Serikawa, this story walks a different line between sci-fi sports like Eyeshield 21 and a fascination with technology à la Initial D, albeit technology that is yet to exist. Manga tie-ins were published in Shonen Jump monthly, Terebi-kun, and Terebi Land. The authors are unsure whether the "Devil King" part of Ahab's name should be translated or simply left as Ma-O-itself a popular baddie's monicker in the 1970s, courtesy of Chairman Mao, the leader of the People's Republic of China, who died the year this was made. Followed by Rubenkaiser, which was more of the same.

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Name Machine Hayabusa
Publisher ?
Start Year 1976
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Aliases Machine Peregrine
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