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Mace is a anime/manga thing
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One of Mumm-Ra's generals, leader of the Monkeys


Banter was a member of the Azure-Blood Clan until their demise. He then joined up with Tyr on his quest to find his brother.


Paranoia ridden member of the Decepticon Stunticons


Emperor of the Decepticons in Transformers Victory

Dokuro Mitsukai

An angel assassin from the future who ends up trying to save her target. She uses her magical weapon Excalibolg to bring misery into Sakura's life.

Filia ul Copt

Filia is a dragon priestess who help lina in Slayer TRY


The mysterious eighth Servant of Fate/Stay Night. He's the self-proclaimed King of Heroes and the strongest Servant. He has a strange obsession with Saber.


One of the 10 Legendary Warriors. Grottomon is the Warrior of Earth and was the first evil Warrior the Chosen Children had to face. He was able to steal a few of their spirits.


Hsien-ko (also known as Shao Lei-Lei and Shao Lin-Lin in the original Japanese version) is a character originally in Capcom's hit fighting game series Darkstalkers and anime of the same name.

Jo Noto Soto

The father of Tia Noto Soto. He's the great magus of the kingdom of Metalicana and a former ennemy of Dark Schneider.

Marie Mjolnir

The Death Scythe formerly in charge of Oceania.


Minorhinoceros in one of the Four Demon Guards of Impel Down under Sadi-chan. He is a Devil Fruit user who became like a rhino.


A champion level virus Digimon.

Quintesson Bailiff

The muscle of the Quintesson race.


A bandit with many weapons in her arsenal, but typically uses a mace.


Roa is a member of the gang led by the Homunculus Greed. He's a human chimera combined with a cow.

Saki Amase

Saki is a 10 year old Shikabane Hime. Her weapon of choice is a giant hammer.

Sentinel Prime

After inheriting the Matrix of Leadership from Zeta Prime, Sentinel Prime led the Autobots to victory against the Decepticons. He was later killed by Megatron and thus the Matrix of Leadership was passed on to Optimus Prime.


Shampoo is a Chinese Amazon who turns in to a cat when splashed with water. Ranma beat her in battle and she is his wife according to Chinese Amazon Law (much to Ranma and Moose's dismay).


Shigi is an inquisitor, a nun belonging to the Pope’s central office.


The Norse God of Thunder and a member of the Avengers.


One of the four generals that are at Lord Genome's command. He was the in charge of the Dai-Gunzan that was later taken over by Simon with Lagann.

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