Macao Conbolt

Macao Conbolt is a anime/manga character in the Fairy Tail franchise
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A wizard of the Fairy Tail guild.


Young Macao and Wakaba.
Young Macao and Wakaba.

Macao is a single dad who has son named Romeo and is one of the oldest mages of Fairy Tail. Him and his friend Wakaba go way back to the time when Natsu was a young boy and when Happy was born. He had watched the younger generations of Fairy Tail always fighting such as Erza and Mirajane, and Gray, Natsu, and Erza.

Fairy Tail Stamp: He has a purple stamp on his right shoulder.

Relationships and Impacts


Macao Conbolt, who is created by Hiro Mashima, does not have any notes from the author so far regarding any inspiration used to create him. He made his first appearance in Chapter 3 of the manga and Episode 2 of the anime. He is voiced by Masaki Kawanabe in the Japanese version and Brian Mathis in the English version.

Character Evolution


Macao has three changes in his looks from the time when Happy was born to the present to 7 years later. In his present self, Macao had his hair combed back and cut short. Compared to his past self, he had spikier hair. Seven years later, his hairline is receding and graying out, and his mustache has grown prominent.


Natsu Dragneel

His relationship with Natsu is strong. Natsu learns to manipulate magic from Macao (see Natsu's battle with Erigor). Macao also learns from Natsu's tenacity because Macao's flashback of Natsu rescuing him occurs in the dragon filler arc.

Cana Alberona

Macao seems to be quite protective of Cana. Macao gets along with Cana and assists her in the battle against Jose's shadows. Also, Macao protects Cana from attacks using his body to shield her during the Fairy Tail's invasion of Phantom Guild.

Major Story Arcs

Macao Arc

After Macao learned that his son was being bullied for having a "lazy" father, he tries to prove his self-worth by taking on a mission to defeat 20 Vulcans. But he had been missing for over a week and his son, who was getting worried, confronted and asked Makarov to send a search team but to his disappointment, his request was denied because the master believed that Macao's pride deserved more time. Natsu, who overheard their conversation, decided to take it upon himself to find the mage with Lucy and Happy tagging along. After the team rescues Macao, he has a warm reunion with his son, Romeo, and admits to him that he only managed to defeat 19 Vulcans. Nonetheless, Macao feels happy that he is alive and is grateful to Natsu because thanks to him, he can now spend more time with his son.

Phantom Lord Arc

Macao protects Cana.
Macao protects Cana.

After Fairy Tail guild's home is vandalized by Gajeel and its members, Levy, Jet, and Droy, are brutally attacked, Macao assists Makarov, Erza, and the guild to invade Phantom Guild and exact vengeance on them. During the battle, Macao has to jump in to protect Cana from attacks and he gets wounded. After Makarov has his magic drained from a sneaky mage, Erza declares a retreat. Cana helps Macao by holding him on her back as they retreat.

The next battle is when Jose's robot and shadows threaten Fairy Tail Guild and all of Magnolia town. When Cana, Wakaba, and the others refuse to give up Lucy and surrender, Macao watches their valiant struggle against Jose. In the end, Macao's guild wins the war.

Fighting Festival Arc

The Battle for Fairy Tail

Macao's battle is with Wakaba. The two close friends fight while trash talking about each other. Wakaba calls Macao a divorcee, and Macao insults Wakaba for his unfaithfulness to his wife.

The Fantasia Parade

Macao wears a goofy outfit while performing in the Fantasia Parade.
Macao wears a goofy outfit while performing in the Fantasia Parade.

Macao performs with his friends Wakaba and Cana in the Fantasia Parade.

Filler Episode Appearances

Dragon Filler Arc

Macao has a prominent role during the dragon filler arc. He, Wakaba, and Elfman attack Gray, so they can bring him back to master Makarov. Suddenly, trouble comes up as Daphne's lizardmen attacks them. This is when Macao has his flashback of Natsu helping him during Vulcan mission. Macao who always had Natsu rescue him want to give back the favor by doing his best to help Fairy Tail. Macao valiantly protects his friend Wakaba from the smoke magic.

Rainbow of Sakura

Macao is enjoying his time with Alzack, Cana, Wakaba, Jet, Droy, and Romeo.

Powers & Abilities

Fire Magic: Purple Flare

Macao's magic circle
Macao's magic circle

Macao specializes in fire magic, specifically "Purple Flare" which cannot be put out by wind or water. He shares this ability with Bora. Macao also taught Natsu how to change the properties of his fire.

Purple Flare TechniquesDescription

Purple Net

Macao uses fire from his hands to create a net wide enough to snare multiple opponents.

Purple Rain

Macao transforms his fire into multiple shots that are fired at his opponents, like rain.

Other Abilities

Transformation Magic

Natsu the gecko
Natsu the gecko

Macao is fairly skilled in transformation magic as shown when he transforms into Natsu (in a gecko form) which managed to fool even Mirajane who's a specialist in this type of magic.

Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Brian Mathis
Masaki Kawanabe
General Information Edit
Name: Macao Conbolt
Name: マカオ・コンボルト
Romanji: Makao Konboruto
Gender: Male
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Fairy Tail #2
1st anime movie:
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