Lyserg's Revenge (Dub: Lost Boy Found)

Lyserg's Revenge (Dub: Lost Boy Found) is an anime episode of Shaman King that was released on 01/16/2002

Lyserg's Revenge -  リゼルグリベンジャー(Rizerugu Ribenjā)

Released on 1-16-2002

Lost Boy Found

Released on 10-2-2004
BoZ makes their second appearance and the three shamans, Savage Pan, Green Graham, and Mr. Little Lake (not in wiki)  make their second appearance as well.
BoZ monks gives a special cage from their master Hao to the three shamans who were defeated by Lyserg. Back at the hospital, Lyserg persuades Yoh to accept his forgiveness. In return, Lyserg will pay for hospital and weapon damages. Ren who does not trust Lyserg talks to Lyserg that he follow Yoh's orders to accept Lyserg as his ally since they share a common enemy, Hao. At the diner, Lyserg  shares his life story with Horohoro and Ryu and the two weep. After Yoh leaves, Horohoro comments on how pretty Morphea (Dub: Chloe) is and his words make Kororo jealous. When Horohoro goes after Kororo, Ryu sees Millie who enters the diner rushes to hug Lyserg. Ryu's love interests crush as he sees Lyserg and Millie hug. Millie warns Lyserg about three shamans who want revenge on Lyserg. Lyserg decides to meet those three shamans. When Lyserg sees the same shamans, he apologizes but they still fight. When Green Graham uses his Devil Clown to hide themselves, Lyserg uses his dowsing skills and sends out an attack. However, Lyserg falls for their trap when he sees Savage and Mr. Little Lake holding Morphea in his father's cage. When Lyserg is down and Millie is tied up, Ren appears and uses Hyoui Gattai to fight the enemies. Although the enemies' oversoul is stronger than integration (Hyoui Gattai), Ren and Horohoro still evade the enemies' attack. Yoh and Ren who still have their weapons join the fray. Ryu easily defeats Savage Pan and Green Graham while Lyserg uses his Big Ben technique to defeat Mr. Little Lake.
After the battle, Hao Asakura and his followers appears. Hao burns the three fallen shamans in front of the BoZ monks.
Other scenes
Manta installs a phone for Anna and Tamao is there as well.

Ren's tells Lyserg the two mistakes

  1. the fact that you hurt people while forcing them to become your ally
  2. you thought you don't have friends

Anime and Manga Differences

  • This episode does not occur in the manga but it is not a filller because Lyserg tells Yoh and his friends his story and reasons to defeat Hao
  • Savage Pan, Mr. Little Lake, and Green Graham did not have a second appearance in the manga because they die after seeing Hao kill Lilirara.
  • Continuity Difference: In the manga, Yoh and friends meet Lilirara before encountering the three shamans (Savage, Graham, Mr. Little Lake) and Lyserg.

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Hiroyuki Takei Writer Creator of the Shaman King manga. Currently he teamed up with Stan Lee to create a new manga called Ultimo.


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