Lyserg Diethel

Lyserg Diethel is a anime/manga character in the Shaman King franchise
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He has light green hair and lime eyes, which he inherited from his father.


Lyserg is a English Shaman whose family specializes in dowsing. When he finally finds Morphine and completes his dowsing task, he comes home and finds his parents' smoking corpse. Hao explains to Lyserg that they refuse his offer, and Lyserg lashes at him. Hao easily defeats him. This is how Lyserg becomes an avenger who goal is to exact vengeance on Hao Asakura from that day on.


Lyserg Diethel, who is created by Hiroyuki Takei, has no current information on what inspires the author to create him. His Japanese actress is Yoko Soumi, and his English actress is Erica Schroeder. He first appears in Shaman King volume 10 and episode 27.

International Voices

  • Italy - Davide Garbolino

Character Evolution


Lyserg has a feminine or androgynous look which Ryu mistakes him for a cute girl. Lyserg wears a green detective attire which is similar to Sherlock Homes.

Story Arcs

Note: All information are manga only. See anime in anime and manga differences.

Journey to America For a Period of 3 months (Patch's test)

Lyserg makes his first appearance in the Shaman King manga series after Yoh's team meet Lilirara. He finds Yoh's team at the hotel, and he introduces himself to Yoh's group. Lyserg is from England, and his goal is to be world's greatest detective, and his spirit alley is Morphine. Ryu is shocked that Lyserg is a guy which prompts Lyserg to further prove it by flashing everyone. Lyserg then shows off his dowsing abilities and pendulum. He explains that it is similar to the Japanese Kokkuri Board. Lyserg tells Yoh that he is looking for the Patch Village, so he wants to join Yoh's team. Yet, Horohoro is suspicious of him, and Lyserg thinks that they will only let him join Yoh's group if he proves that he is a strong shaman. When Lyserg gets the upper hand on Horohoro because of the homing pendulum, Ren jumps in to attack Lyserg. However, Lyserg cuts Ren and Horohoro with the wire of the pendulum. When Horohoro and Ren are on the ground, Yoh tells Lyserg that he not let him join due to injuring his friends. Lyserg lashes at Yoh, but Yoh easily breaks his pendulum. As soon as Yoh picks up Ren while Ryu picks up Horohoro, Lyserg equips his crystal pendulum and attack Yoh with his Big Ben Oversoul. Yoh counters Lyserg's oversoul with Amida-Style Halo Blade, and Lyserg sees Yoh's eyes as a resemblance to Hao Asakura.

Lyserg follows Yoh to the hospital and has agreed to pay for everything including weapon repairs. At the diner, Lyserg explains his past to the others. Lyserg still wonders why Yoh's face looks like Hao's face.

At Mesa Verdede, Lyserg finds his answer when Mohamed Tarbasi explains that Yoh is Hao's descendant. Lyserg, who is still angry, is the first victim of Boris Tepes. Boris's spirit ally, Blamuro, controls Lyserg by his blood due to Boris's spirit medium is blood. After Boris explains about his family's persecutions due to Vlad's deeds, Boris threatens Yoh by making Lyserg point Yoh's katana, Harusame, at his throat. When Amidamaru frees Lyserg from Blamuro, Ryu defeats Boris. As soon as Yoh rushes to help Boris, Lyserg witnesses Boris's death at the hands of Marco's arch angel. In the caves, Lyserg explains to Yoh that killing the people who commit evil deeds is not a bad thing.

After Yoh and the others find the way to the Patch Village due to seeing the Great Spirit, Lyserg wakes up alone with tears in his eyes. In the next scenes, Lyserg cries with Marco, and he asks Marco if his team is strong enough to defeat Hao Asakura. Marco replies that their leader is strong and will defeat Hao.

Back to Tokyo For the Next Tournament Event

Lyserg makes his first appearance in the second match of day one of the tournament when his team, X-I, faces Team Nile. Lyserg

Oversoul and Spirit Medium

Anime and Manga Differences

Lyserg appears as impatient with Yoh and his team when they stop on their quest to help play with spirits of the ghost town and helping replant trees with a shaman named Allen.

Oversoul and Spirit Medium

His strongest attack with Morphine is called Big Ben Wire.

Voiced by
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Yoko Soumi
General Information Edit
Name: Lyserg Diethel
Name: リゼルグ・ダイゼル
Romanji: Rizerugu Daizeru
Gender: Male
1st manga book: Shaman King #10
1st anime episode: Shaman King #27
1st anime movie:
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