Lyra is a anime/manga character in the Fairy Tail franchise
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A Celestial Spirit that belongs to Lucy Heartphilia.


 Lyra's Gate Key.
 Lyra's Gate Key.
Lyra is one of the Silver Keys' Celestial Spirits who has no combat powers. Rather, her talent lies in performance, primarily singing and harp playing. Although she sings mostly about emotions, she will often abide to any of her master's request. She's made several appearances in plays and theatrical plays, such as Frederick and Yanderica in which Team Natsu had to participate. Unlike other Celestial Spirits who can be summoned several times in a week, Lyra can only be summoned three times a month: the Wednesday of the second week of the month, and Thursday and Friday of the third week of the month.


A character created by Hiro Mashima, Lyra was designed to represent the constellation Lyra, which in Latin means lyre, a stringed musical instrument that resembles a harp. Hence, her expertise in harp playing is reflective of the meaning of her name.

Character Evolution


 Lyra is ready to perform!
 Lyra is ready to perform!
Lyra appears to be a young girl. She has waist length hair with curled ends and wears a pink bonnet on the top. She also wears a long dress with heart prints at the waist, leather shoes, wings and a giant harp that she usually plays when summoned.


 Lyra is smarter than she looks.
 Lyra is smarter than she looks.
Lyra is very cheerful, happy and polite and always tries to lift up everyone's spirit, especially through song. She may not look it, but she is very intelligent and has a fairly large knowledge of the magic world similarly as Happy, which was shown in the Galuna Island Arc when she described the magic "Moon Drip" that was being used to revive the demon Deliora. 

Powers & Abilities


 Lyra playing.
 Lyra playing.
Although Lyra has no offensive abilities, she greatly excels in singing and is a very experienced harp player. Her music is very moving and has the power to embody the heart and feelings of people who listen to her song, as shown by Gray who began to cry as he listened to Lyra's song.
Voiced by
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Megumi Nakajima
Kristin Sutton
General Information Edit
Name: Lyra
Name: リラ
Romanji: Rira
Gender: Female
1st manga book: Fairy Tail #4
1st anime episode: Fairy Tail #12
1st anime movie:
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Emotion Control
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Attractive Female
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