Lyon Vastia

Lyon Vastia is a anime/manga character in the Fairy Tail franchise
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Lyon is an ice mage who trained under Ur with Gray Fullbuster, and became a member of the Lamia Scale Guild.


Lyon notices Gray's obsession with Deliora
Lyon notices Gray's obsession with Deliora

Lyon is Ur's student before Gray. Lyon is a dedicated student who wants surpass Ur badly that he learns to use Ice Shell without Ur's permission. Like Gray, Lyon develops a compulsive stripping behavior due to Ur's odd training. When Ur sacrifices herself to stop Deliora, Lyon becomes very obsess that he will melt Deliora just to prove he is stronger than Ur. His obsession gathers mages such as Sherry and others who lost their loved ones Deliora and want revenge on Deliora as well.

Lamia Scale Stamp: He has a dark blue stamp on his right breast which is the same location as Gray's stamp.


Lyon Bastia, who is created by Hiro Mashima, has no information on what inspired the author to create him. He made his first appearance in Chapter 29 of the manga and Episode 12 of the anime. He is voiced by Yuki Kaji in the Japanese version and Jerry Jewell in the English version.

Character Evolution


Lyon Bastia has very gray hair and has very slanted eyes just like Natsu and Cobra's eyes. Lyon wears elaborate clothing such as a white cape and white robes even though he is used to the cold.

Interesting note: Gray makes fun of Lyon's slanted eyes as well as Natsu's eyes. Like Natsu, Lyon pokes fun at Gray's droopy eyes.

Major Story Arcs

Galuna Island Arc

Lyon Bastia makes his first appearance as a mysterious man who wears a ram like helmet in armor. He conceals his appearance from Natsu and his teammates until he counters Gray Fullbuster on top of the pyramid during the Moon Drip ritual. First, Lyon freezes Natsu's body, and Gray, who wants to fight Lyon, kicks Natsu down the hill. When Gray ask why Lyon is doing this, Lyon replies that Gray is shameless because he killed Ur. When Gray challenges Lyon, Lyon fights Gray. During his battle, Lyon debates with Gray on how ice make magic should be and Lyon tells Gray that he killed his one dream to surpass Ur. Lyon explains his goal to Gray and that he will melt Deliora and defeat Deliora. When Gray tells Lyon that his goal is impossible, Lyon snaps and attacks Gray brutally. Lyon blames Gray for challenging Deliora which cause his teacher to die, and Lyon unleashes a devastating attack, a unnamed ice make dragon, on Gray. Lyon sends Gray all the way down the pyramid.

After his battle with Gray, Lyon talks to the masked man, Zalty/ Ultear, and ask about Deliora's status. Also, Lyon has Toby apologizing to him for his failure to defeat Natsu. Suddenly, Lyon feels the pyramid tilting due to Natsu's plan to destroy the pyramid. The angered Lyon finds Natsu who is below Lyon several floors down. Natsu charges at Lyon by using his fire as rockets. Lyon and Natsu have their battle, and Lyon notices Natsu's unpredictable fighting style as he fights Natsu. A few more moments, Gray smashes through Lyon's ice wall, and Lyon sees Gray for the second time. Lyon hears Gray's story as Gray admits it is his fault for killing Ur ten years ago. However, Gray tells Lyon that his actions to melt Deliora, destroying Ur's legacy, and hurting his friends are terrible and irresponsible. Then Lyon sees Gray adjust his stance which looks like Ur's Iced Shell and Lyon has a fearful look on his face. Until Natsu smacks Gray in the face, Lyon watches as Natsu and Gray have their "conversation" about death is running away, and Gray finally settles things with Natsu. As soon as Natsu leaves to pursue the masked man, Lyon and Gray resume their battle. Gray explains to Lyon that Ur is alive and he is actually melting Ur, and his promise with Ur which is not to tell Lyon. As Gray finishes explaining to Lyon that Ur wants Lyon and Gray to be happy with their lives and not to waste their life to restore herself, Lyon quickly attacks Gray by placing an ice make sword through Gray's abdomen (anime: a unnamed ice panther/big cat). Lyon with a dirty look explains that he already knew and that Ur's body is nothing but scrap heaps of ice. Yet, Lyon gets punch by Gray who is angry at Lyon, and he challenges Lyon to a brawl without

Lyon and Gray exchanging punches
Lyon and Gray exchanging punches

magic. Although Lyon has the upper advantage on Gray when Lyon knocks Gray down, Lyon hears Gray's resolve and two duke it out some more. Gray and Lyon exchange punch after punch without dodging each other's moves. Lyon gets knock to the wall by Gray. Lyon who is angry summons his ice make snow dragon on Gray. Lyon and Gray are arguing over who is right while fighting each other. Lyon sends out a Ice Make Snow Tiger while Gray counterattacks by making an Ice Make Prison and traps his tiger. Lyon gets mock by Gray when he hears Gray call him a caged beast whose one hand technique creates weaker attacks. Gray uses his new move, Ice Cannon, on Lyon and Lyon loses the battle to Gray. After a while, Lyon sees Deliora is free and Natsu destroys Deliora easily because Deliora is weaken by Ur's magic.

Lyon in Gray's flashback

(A separate section from Galuna Arc)

Lyon is Ur's pupil before Gray. After Deliora's destruction, Lyon finds a survivor which is Gray. Lyon notices Gray has an obsession with Deliora to get revenge. Lyon and Gray train under Ur by stripping themselves to expose themselves to the harsh elements of the cold. When Gray hears Deliora is in Brago, Gray rushes out to attack Deliora, but he has put harm on himself, Ur, and Lyon. Lyon decides to use a forbidden technique, Iced Shell, which he learns without Ur's permission. However, Ur knocks Lyon out and she sacrifices herself by using Iced Shell. Lyon finds out it is Gray's fault for killing his teacher and his dreams to surpass Ur. This is why Lyon melts Deliora with Moon Drip to prove his self-worth.

Aftermath of Galuna Arc

Lyon tells his comrades he is done with revenge and his obsession as he has a change of heart from his battle with Gray and witnessing Natsu's battle with Deliora. Also, Lyon tells Sherry and the others that he will join a guild. Even though Sherry, Toby, and Yuka makes amends with Gray's team by joining them for dinner, Lyon did not join them.

Festival Fighting Arc

Lyon and his friends, Sherry, Yuka, and Toby, attend the parade and watches Gray and Juvia's performance.

Oracion Seis Arc

Lyon is part of Lamia Scale and join Fairy Tail, Blue Pegasus, and Caitshelter to defeat Oracion Seis. Lyon and Sherry's first battle is with Hoteye and Hoteye, who thinks money is the most important thing (opposite of Sherry), defeats Lyon and Sherry by engulfing them with his earth magic. After that defeat, Lyon assists Gray in fighting Racer. Lyon is the first one to realize Racer's weakness because Lyon sees the doves from far away going at normal speed. Lyon figures out that Racer is not fast, but Racer slows down his enemies with magic. Lyon and Gray comes up with a strategy to defeat Racer. As Lyon lures Racer to a cliff, Gray fires his ice arrow at Racer and defeats him. Somehow, Racer does not give up and tries to blow himself up with Gray and Lyon. Suddenly, Lyon tackles Racer and the two jump over the cliff and explode. However, Lyon survives as he appears in front of the Sherry who turned evil and attack Gray. Lyon's next role in the arc occurs when Zero is about to fire his Nirvana's cannon at Caitsheter guild. Lyon is on the Kristine, Blue Pegasus airship, and he creates an ice wing for the ship.

Aftermath of Nirvana Arc

Lyon, Sherry, and Jura have a change of clothes and witness Wendy and Roubaul story unfolds. Lyon learns that Wendy's guild is fake and hears what Roubaul says is true. Wendy's true friends is her newfound team mates.

Powers & Abilities

Ice Make Magic

Lyon's Magic Seal
Lyon's Magic Seal

Lyon's ice make magic is a type of creation magic that allows Lyon to create ice into any form. Also, Lyon's ice make style is different from Gray because Lyon creates moving animals out of ice (Dynamic Ice Make) while Gray creates weapons and objects out of ice (Static Ice Make). It does not mean Lyon always uses Dynamic Ice Make because he is seen using ice make weapons like Gray. Another difference between Gray and Lyon is how they create the ice. Lyon can use one hand or two hands while Gray can only use two hands. The problem with one hand is that the ice make magic becomes unbalanced and imperfect.

Ice Make TechniquesDescription
Ice Make: Eagle
Lyon creates several eagles that fly to the enemy and strike him or her. As a dynamic creation, they can avoid obstacles and hit the target.
Ice Make: Snow Dragon
Lyon creates an ice dragon that rushes towards the enemy to crush him or her.
Ice Make: Ape
Lyon creates a large ape to block Gray's Ice Make Hammer, although its uncertain whether it can attack. But considering that it is a dynamic creation, it most probably can.
Ice Make: Snow Tiger
Lyon creates a tiger from ice that can run towards the enemy and bite him or her.
Ice Make: Wolf
Lyon surrounds his hand with ice that takes the form of a wolf's head and attack the enemy.
Ice Make: Hedgehog
Lyon covers his back with ice spikes in a manner as a hedgehog to protect himself from attacks.
Ice Make: Wing
Lyon can create wings from his magic. He used this to help fly Christina, Blue Pegasus' bomber.

Anime & Manga Differences

In the manga, Lyon stabs Gray through the abdomen with an ice make sword after Gray tells Lyon about his promise with Ur. Compared to the anime, Lyon creates an unnamed ice make big cat in Gray's abdomen which goes through Gray.

Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Jerry Jewell
Yuki Kaji
General Information Edit
Name: Lyon Vastia
Name: リオン・バスティア
Romanji: Rion Basutia
Gender: Male
1st manga book: Fairy Tail #4
1st anime episode: Fairy Tail #12
1st anime movie:
Aliases Reitei Lyon
Zero Emperor
Cold Emperor
Lyon Bastia
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