Lupin the 3rd Episode 0: First Contact Get US DVD

Topic started by John_Martone on Jan. 5, 2010. Last post by Abe 4 years, 11 months ago.
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Lupin the 3rd, or "That dude who dresses like Shinichi Watanabe" is the man. Despite being the greatest thief of all time, its been quite awhile since North America has seen a new release from this beloved character. Well ICv2 noted a listing on Amazon for "Lupin the 3rd Episode 0: First Contact." If true, this'll be the first release of a Lupin Product since its last run with the defunct Geneon. 
The video has a March release date and is listed as a project by "Eastern Star/Rv" (a name that means nothing to me.) That said, given the stagnancy the series has hit, and that this release is sub only, the idea of a small sized licensee is all the more believable.
P.S. Yes, yes, yes... I know. Don't flame me.
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I'm huge Lupin the III fan and I going to buy this DVD when it comes out.    
@John Martone Lupin the 3rd, or "That dude who dresses like Shinichi Watanabe"  I though it was the other way around. 
I really like Shinichi Watanabe in Excel Sega.  Funny stuff.
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Where's all the Lupin love? I can't wait for this!
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I'm all for more Lupin. You don't even need to ask for comments (I wasn't going to) ... I had a big smile already on my face.
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 I was disappointed that FUNimation didn't try to grab this one since it is 2nd only to Miyazaki-sensei's "Lupin III: Castle of Cagliostro."  Still, I'll likely add this to my collection.
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This is probably the best TV special of them all. I really like the first ones too, the ones from 1989-1992, but most will probably think they're ugly and will definitely not get picked up any time soon.

Someone should bring Alcatraz Connection as well.

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@Abe:  Since Gia's been on this big Castle of Cagliostro kick, and its made me want to watch more Lupin.
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In that case, I recommend the Red Jacket series, the one that aired on adult swim a while back. They were entertaining, and if you grew up on old 70's anime, you'll like it.  The Pioneer/Geneon dub was terrific, and really adds to the humour of the show.
As for the TV specials (the licensed ones), go for: Pursuit of Harimao's Treasure, Tokyo Crisis, Island of Assassins, and $1 Money Wars.  The others are pretty good too, most of them, but these are my personal favourites out of those.  Just watch them subbed, since Funimation didn't really do a good job here.
I didn't really like the Mamo movie, but don't let that stop you from checking it out too.
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