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College boy Kanzaki gets a sex-crazed girl for a pet on a moonlit night. She's come to remind him he's the lord of Atlantis and final incarnation of Krishna, forced to fight his satanic schoolmate Mutsuki for control of the world amid innumerable jokey references to classic anime like Giant Robo and Babel II (on which director Kigure worked as an animator) as well as porn-like appearances by characters more familiar from Sailor Moon. In part two, overindulgence has turned all Atlantean men into penises, and incredible power awaits the man who can pass the trials and give Queen Estelle the orgasm of a lifetime. Kanzaki also has to pleasure a giant Amazon who drowns him with her breasts and prompts the meaningful quote, "She's huge! I could stick my whole head in there." The authors would like to apologize for making this sound a lot more interesting than it is. Based on a manga by Akira Mii that was serialized in Comic Lies, mercifully only the first two parts of this anime appear to have been released in the U.S. LN

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General Information Edit
Name: Lunatic Night
Release Date: Jan. 1, 1997
Release Date:
Rating: None
Runtime: 35 (mins)
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