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Princess Luna is a tomboy Princess whose kingdom is under attack she stumbles upon an ancient power. This allows her to summon a dinosaur demon that obeys her commands. Unfortunately, when the creature is around, she is attached to its head and acts as its brain.


The Dunbas Empire tries to conquer a world where humans and beasts have lived in medieval-fantasy harmony for centuries. The three princesses of Rimbell are determined to fight the invaders, but middle sister Luna (the "tomboy princess") does so in a very strange way. Engulfed in a ray of light, the accomplished swordswoman recovers to find herself embedded in the head of a giant tyrannosaur-like beast that communicates with her telepathically, calling her its "brain." To save her land, she has been granted control of the legendary dragon Varga, and even when not in dragon form, she has a reptilian tail. She manages to fight off the Dunban troops but must rescue her sister Vena, who has been kidnapped by the invaders.

From the high concept that posits a princess with a dragon sticking out of her ass (or a dragon with a princess stuck to its forehead, depending on your perspective) to the insanely overblown theme song, LV is a madcap comedy to file with Dragon Half.

Series Credits
Person Name Episode Count
Aki Tomato
Yumiko Tsukamoto
Kenji Kawai

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General Information Edit
Name Luna Varga
Name: 魔獣戦士ルナ・ヴァルガー
Romaji: Maju Senshi Luna Varga
Publisher AIC
Start Year 1991
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Recurring Appearances
Luna first in Rimsbell
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