Is Lucy a Mary Sue Character?

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I usually dont give Lucy much thought, finding her to be a stereotypical anime heroin that only tends to get on my nerves. But after reading some chapters I gave the mage a bit of thought and... almost EVERYTHING about her screams Mary Sue, an unoriginal, weak girl who will (most likely) fall in love with the main character of the story... She lost a lot of points with me when I thought about this thoroughly. At least with Nami's case she has more character, sure she's got the whole weak thing going on, but she's been much more useful in One Piece than Lucy has in FT. Her character is much less stereotypical than Lucy's, it was also the reason I didnt like Vivi at all, but i digress

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Don't really see the Mary Sueness in Lucy

I just started to dislike her, cause she get beat up all the time (cause of plot)

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@Destinyheroknight: exactly, WEAK, always needs someone to save her! Hell her magic is all about SOMEONE ELSE fighting her battles! lol We all know that she's gonna (most likely, i'd be surprised if someone else did) date the main character. maybe your right, maybe i just dont like her character, but either way... she sucks lol!

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No, Lucy is a true main character, but Mary Sue Character is Erza.

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