All about Lucy Heartfilia.

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Color of hair:Blonde

Magic:Summoning spirits...also known as celestial magic.

appearance:Hair tied with the same color of her outfit, always wear a short skirt with a brown belt, has a belt where she hangs her keys and her rope, wears red high heels or long black boots and wears red heart-shaped earrings.

Team:Natsu Teammates:Natsu,Happy,Erza,Gray,Wendy,and Carla.

Has no father and mother.Has no sister. Lives in a rented house,how much her rent is: 70,000 jewel for a month.

What jobs she did: Burn the book called "Daybreak",Capture Velveno,Break the demon's curse on Galuna Island and Protect the freight of Gold.

Boys she appealed: Natsu Dragneel,Gray Fullbuster,Loki/Leo,Hibiki Laytis,Bickslow,Taurus,Macao,Wakaba,and Alzack.

People who touched her boobies:Natsu (episode 127,while falling from the waterfall and episode 22),Happy (whenever he's happy to see lucy)and Cana (in episode 108,cana tried to convince gray to go alone.)

Her rival:Juvia (i think...) and Sherry.

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You know you gave me some ideas. I was thinking of other blog ideas I could to add to the Weekly reports for the summer.

My Ideas

  • Character Spotlight: The team picks the best wiki page for a character every week, and we share thoughts on that character
  • Tsundere Edition: If a show has at least 2 characters who are downright tsundere, this blog is possible.
  • Moe Edition: Same as the Tsundere
  • Anime Vs Anime or Manga vs Manga: It's not a battle thread, but it's for comparing which is show is better.
  • Family Time: (Add anime name or manga): Since I'm a big brother who has a little sister and brother who likes anime, I share some of their thoughts on shows we watch together. I hope this will bring others to talk about their experiences as well.
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