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Lucrecia Crescent is a anime/manga character
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Lucrecia Crescent, a Biochemist who once worked for Shinra, was the love of Vincent Valentine's life. She is also the biological mother of Sephiroth.


Lucrecia Crescent was a Class A Biochemist who worked for the Shinra Electric Power Company under Grimoire Valentine, the father of Vincent Valentine. When she created a thesis on the entities known as Chaos and Omega, she came under much fire from the scientific community and was criticized heavily, as a result she became very anxious to prove her colleagues wrong.
Lucrecia spent much time investigating Chaos in particular and during one of her many expeditions she ended up discovering his alleged resting place. During the process of performing an experiment on the materials she had recovered from Chaos' resting place, something went horribly wrong and Grimoire Valentine died as a result. 
Lucrecia never forgave herself for what had happened to Grimoire, the incident would haunt her from that moment on and her guilt for causing his death was the reason that prohibited her from returning Vincent Valentine's deep affections for her. Following Professor Gast's discovery of the Jenova entity, whom he had mistaken as being one of The Cetra or "Ancients" as they were more commonly known, Lucrecia became his and Professor Hojo's assistant and began working on what they called "The Jenova Project."
The project had been born out of not only the creature's discovery but the false analysis which had led them all to believe that Jenova was a Cetra as well as the Shinra Corporation's desire to use the DNA of a Cetra to breed a whole new army of superhuman soldiers. While conducting experiments at a large mansion in the town of Nibelheim, Grimoire's son Vincent, who was a member of The Turks, Shinra's Elite, was assigned to protect Lucrecia, Gast and Hojo from the disgruntled townspeople.
Lucrecia and Vincent fell in love with one another while getting more acquainted but her guilt over having indirectly caused his Father's death made it nearly impossible for her to return the feelings he had for her. When Vincent discovered documents pertaining to the incident, Lucrecia's guilt consumed her and clouded her judgment as an irrational form of desperation began to settle in and take its hold over her.
When she turned to Professor Hojo for help, he manipulated her into conceiving a child with him so they could conduct an in vivo experiment for The Jenova Project and ultimately see the results of what effects the Jenova cells would have on a living organism. Despite Vincent's objections to this experiment, Lucrecia had already been manipulated to the point where his objections would fall on deaf ears. 
During her pregnancy, Lucrecia saw visions of the horrors her unborn son, Sephiroth, would one day commit and in a most untimely encounter, discovered that Vincent had been shot by Hojo, who was being manipulated by Jenova through the cells he had injected into his own body. Fearing for Vincent's life, Lucrecia exposed Vincent's body to stagnant mako, and successfully saved his life.
However, being exposed to stagnant mako resulted in Vincent merging with the Chaos entity and being left in a state of feral madness. She later gave birth to Sephiroth, whom Hojo took from her without even allowing her to hold him just once and while trying to go after Hojo in an attempt to reclaim her son died from a combination of the exhaustion of just having given birth and the cellular damage that the Jenova cells had wrought on her body.
However, when Lucrecia was drawn into the Lifestream it immediately rejected her due to her body being so heavily infested with Jenova cells and was condemned by the Lifestream to return to the world of the living and was cursed with immortality by the Jenova cells within her system. Disgusted with herself and everything she had done, Lucrecia traveled to a long-forgotten cavern hidden high atop an immense waterfall, isolated herself there and ultimately imprisoned herself within a large mako crystal.
Thirty years later Vincent Valentine and his new allies from AVALANCHE happened upon the cavern where Lucrecia had imprisoned herself. Vincent's presence caused her to awaken for a brief period of time in which she asked Vincent if her son had been destroyed yet. Hoping to make it much easier for her to rest in peace, Vincent decided to tell her that Sephiroth had been killed.
Nearly three years after their semi-reunion, the entity known as Omega began to wake from its slumber which was more than enough to awaken Lucrecia from hers and used the power of astral projection to establish contact with Vincent, who was fighting to stop those who were attempting to wake Omega back up. 
For a time Lucrecia would only apologize to Vincent while establishing contact with him, though Vincent was unable to figure out why she was doing so, later during the final conflict with the Omega Entity itself Lucrecia explained to Vincent that she was sorry for all of the horrible mistakes she had made and for hurting Vincent as badly as she did, she also told him that she was happy that he had survived and eventually returned to an inert state of being.
To this day, Lucrecia remains self-imprisoned and in a state of eternal slumber within the mako crystal cavern she had isolated herself from the rest of the world in all those years ago. Vincent still visits her resting place from time to time.
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Name: Lucrecia Crescent
Name: Rukuretsia Kureshento
Romanji: ルクレツィア・クレシェント
Gender: Female
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