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Seinfeld, had it actually been cute japanese girls. Reviewed by highhorse on March 2, 2010. highhorse has written 2 reviews. His/her last review was for Lucky Star. 14 out of 15 users recommend his reviews. 11 out of 12 users found this review helpful.
This really is Seinfeld in delivery, a show about nothing. The only difference is who the characters are, so lets introduce them.  First we have Konata Izumi, who seems to be the protagonist. I use protagonist lightly since this is a slice of life series with very little focus on a story. Second and thirdly we get the twin sisters, Kagami Hiiragi and Tsukasa Hiiragi.  They are fraternal twins who share very little in common. Kagami is very studious when it comes to school work, in fact she is in a higher class than Konata. Tsukasa on the other hand is very for lack of a better term, meh.  she usually gets poor grades in school and is in the same class as Konata.  She also fills in the cute role for most of the series.  Unlike Yui Hirasawa from K-on, You won't hate her for most of the series because of her stupid antics.  Lastly of the main characters we get Miyuki Takara, who is very intelligent and gets great grades, but is still in the same class as Konata.  She is usually seen as being the smart one, but she is also the ditz of the group. Eventually more characters will come in and add even more diversity to the group, including an american exchange student who is a major geek.
When we are first introduced to the character, it is picked up right away that these girls dont really have an on going story but really a collection of small events.  Each event does bring us closer to each character.  An example from the first episode is Konata revealing to the audience she is a geek.  She demonstrates how athletic she is by defeating the competition in a race at school, then talks about why she doesn't join athletic clubs at school. It would cut into her primetime anime and manga reading time. 
The amazing delivery of this series just makes me fall in love with these characters the same way I love my friends, we got to know each other over time and aren't thrust into fighting an evil king or some other enemy.  The only real flaw I can give this series is that, if you don't like slice-of-life series or Seinfeld, I know you won't want to watch this series. I do give this series my highest approval and recommendation.  
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