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Lucky Star is a franchise comprised of 1 movie, 2 anime series, 1 manga series
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What's a Super Duper Mini Review?  Well, since I'm taking a break from written reviews, I decided to put a short list of what I liked and didn't like about the shows I review and put down some notes and fun facts as well.  For a little info about the show, I copy the Plot Summary from the Anime News Network pages and throw them in the review so the reader can be a little bit informed on what the bases of the show is about.  I also borrow some info from Wikipedia as well.

Super Duper Mini Review

 Pani Poni Dash!
 Pani Poni Dash!
  Pani Poni Dash! is an anime series based on the manga of the same name, Pani Poni.  The show was produced by GANSIS and Shaft and it was directed by Akiyuki Shinbo.  The show was aired in Japan in 2005.
Pani Poni Dash! is a comedy, parody show.
Plot Summary

The 11 year old Miyamoto Rebecca becomes the new teacher of a classroom which is full of weirdos. Despite her cute looks she's a little beast and can be pretty sarcastic and offensive. The school is not safe anymore now that she's in charge of a class and her students, Himeko, Ichijou, Rei and a white rabbit who took a liking to Rebecca help her to rough up the school and the neighbour-class with its teacher "ojiichan." 

---  Anime News Network

  • A wacky cast of enjoyable characters that makes this show fun.  From Rebecca to Ichijou, they are all unique.
  • Very goofy and insane show.  Reminds me of Hayate the Combat Butler , Lucky Star, and My Bride is a Mermaid, and a little bit of Azumanga Daioh.
  • Super cute and colorful art style.
  • Tons, and tons or references to movies like Planet of the Apes, The Exorcist, to other things like Super Mario Bros. and Dragon Ball.
  • Really cool openings and endings.
  • Like other Shaft shows, the art style can be very stylish and unique.

  • While the show does have a lot of references that are awesome, it's less enjoyable when you don't know them.  There were many that I didn't get and I was like "Ok?" and "I don't get it."  The fansubs I watched helped explain them, but it still would have been more enjoyable if I didn't have to read the little blurb for every reference they make.
  • Like a lot of comedy shows, there is no ongoing plot.  Most of the show is episodic.

While I didn't get many of the reference in the show, which is many, I still had a blast with Pani Poni Dash.
If you enjoyed shows like Lucky Star, Hayate the Combat Butler, My Bride is a Mermaid, or Azumanga Daioh, you will definitely get a kick out of this show.  Be prepared for all the references in the show, there are maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaany.

 "I&squot;ll be back."
 "I'll be back."
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I like many, has been considering myself a lil bit Otaku, I have made my last push into An Otaku
 ( I am being called otaku, and I`m being harassed by some guy who hates anime.)
I made this push earlier this month, I began taking AMV`s seriously, but thats nothing, THEN! I went tro my local EB (think gamestop), And used my diplomatic prowess and charismatic ability to obtain an already ordered copy of Record of Agarest War: The really naughty edition. (the guy hadnt some in for a while and wasnt answering the phone),
Next! I pre-ordered V5 of Lucky Star (the Manga) and was excited to get it... (I havent finished yet... taking it slow... Wanna enjoy my fav manga...)
I then proceeded on by going through great lengths to order a Gundam Figure (I consider this tough cuz many online sites for stuff like that dont ship to Canada). Now if that doesnt proove enough that im Otaku, then here is my last card, I have completely tricked out my Desktop, it covered in  anime related apps including a Miku pic thaat sings along with the songs, so I`m happy about that, I also have a lil Konata icon that tells my how well my computer is running, and another one of Konata dressed as Haruhi that indicates my computers power level, I got  a clock thing with Mr. Anizawa on the inside (manager from Lucky star).... all of this has been thrown onto a big background of Haruhi!
Please lemme know if you would consider me at all Otaku.
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 Lucky Star
 Lucky Star
Lucky Star is in anime adaptation of the manga of the same name.  There are 24 episodes and 1 OVA, animated by Kyoto Animation, and directed by two people: Yutaka Yamamoto (Ep. 1-4) and Yasuhiro Takemoto (Ep. 5-24).  Lucky Star is a slice of life/comedy show.

Brief Overview

Lucky Star is a show about several girls attending a high school named Ryoo.  Lucky Star is an anime adaption of a 4-panel comic strip manga, so the plot is very loose.  Our main character is Konata Izumi, an otaku who is also very athletic and can do many things, but she is very lazy and is occupied with anime/manga and video games.  Some of the other important characters are:
  • Kagami Hiiragi - Kagami is Tsukasa's older twin sister.  She gets good grades and is very smart.  Kagami also likes to play video games, but not the same ones as Konata.  She likes to play shooters.  Although she is in a different class, she goes to Konata's and Tsukasa's class room all the time.  Kagami is the tsukkomi character of the show.  She is shy and emotional at times, so she can be considered a tsundere as well.
  • Tsukasa Hiiragi - Tsukasa is Kagami's younger twin sister.  Like Konata, she isn't very good and studying or sports, but she is very good at cooking.  She is the lovely, friendly, and a good person, but she is an airhead and can be clumsy at times.
  • Miyuki Takara - Miyuki is a smart, pretty, and well-mannered meganeko who is from a wealthy family.  She is in the same class with Tsukasa and Konata and and is the class president of the class.  She is very dependable and helps out other class mates often.  One thing she doesn't like is going to the dentist.

My Thoughts

Lucky Star was a very fun and enjoyable show.  There were many things that I loved about the show.  First off is the characters.  Konata is easily my favorite character.  Why?  She is otaku.  She also reminds me of myself alot.  Through out high school I was pretty smart and died well with my school work, but I was always lazy and more interested in playing video games.  Unlike me, Konata is athletic and I'm not.  The other main charters were great as well, especially Tsukasa.  I loved here cuteness.  She is just to adorable.  There are some great side characters as well like the store manager of the store that Konata loves to visit, Meito Anizawa.  He thinks of Konata as his number one customer and every time it shows him in the show, he is super crazy and it feels like he is from some awesome action anime,
 Konata, our lovely otaku.
 Konata, our lovely otaku.
with him screaming all the time and doing crazy stuff.
Besides the characters, the art of the show was fantastic.  The characters are super cute or moe as some of you may call it.  Besides the characters, the environments where very well down.  It looks like they took and actual picture of a part of Japan and washed it out a little bit and threw it in the show.  I enjoyed the music of the show as well.  It might not be the greatest, but it was very simple and fit perfectly with the show.
Another great thing about the show is all the anime tie ins and game tie ins into the show.  The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya is often refrenced through out the show.  From the music to cosplay, its in Lucky Star often.  There are other shows as well like Code Geass and Full Metal Panic.  There are game tie ins as well like Guile from Street Fighter makes an appearance as Konata is kicking his ass.  You also see a Nintendo DS thrown in the from time to time as well.
At the end of every episode we got a segment called Lucky Channel.  Lucky Channel was a fun part of the show as well.  The hosts are Akira Kogami and Minoru Shiraishi.  It starts simple like from fan letters to character introductions then it gets worse near and the show gets completely destroyed.  To go along with Lucky Channel are the endings while the credits rolled.  At first they were little segments of our four heroines singing songs at a karaoke bar, mainly Konata singing anime songs like Cha La Head Cha La, the opening to Dragon Ball Z.  Then during the second half of the show, we got live action endings which were random and awesome at the same time.  They were just so goofy and out of place, I loved it.
Now for a few minor gripes.  I felt the show was a little to fast pacing.  The show is mainly conversations between the school girls, but it seems like there were no brakes between them.  It's like "TALK TALK TALK TALK" (2 seconds later) "TALK TALK TALK TALK".  I first it was a little rough for me, but I gradually got used to the flow of the show.  Another small gripe is the comedy.  As a main part of the show, the comedy, sometimes I felt like its was lacking some times and got a little smirk one my face instead of laughing, which I should do during a comedy.
 Meito, the crazy awesome store owner.  All store owners should be like him.
 Meito, the crazy awesome store owner.  All store owners should be like him.
Lucky Star is a fantastic show.  With the small gripes I had, I still had a blast with the show.  This is the kind of show that you watch when you don't feel like memorizing some cray plot about some dude trying to take over the world. It's just a fun a simple yet random show.  If you want to watch something that's goofy and really random, give this a show a go!  If you aren't a fan of comedy shows that are really random, you may want to stay away from this show.
My Score - 4.5/5

Blog Thing

I guess this is going to be a short one this time.
Next show I'm checking out WILL be Karin.  I've been putting it off, but now I will check it out.  After that I have no idea what I will watch.  You guys have any comedy/romance/slice of life shows you would like to recommend me?  I'm still strolling along with the Negima! manga.  I'm currently on chapter 180.
Video game front, nothing new really.  I'm kinda playing Titan Quest still.  Haven't been in the mood lately to play it.  It was like crack for a couple of days, but that didn't last very long.  Still playing SFIV as usual.  I've also been playing a lot of MAME (arcade emulator) lately.  Played through Michael Jackson's Moonwalker and Final Fight the other day.  I've also been playing around with Street FIgher II: Rainbow Edition, a hack for SFII: Champion Edition.  It's basically SFII: Champion Edition on crack.  You get to do air fireballs, change characters when ever you want, homing fireballs, full screen hurricane kicks.  It's just plain fun.
This is Jordan and I'm signing out.
EDIT:  OK, I'm having a slight problem right now.  As I mentioned in the blog right up this edit, I said I was going to watch Karin.  Well, I think I changed my mind.  While doing some research about the series, I seen that manga is only 58 chapters so instead of watching the anime, I might end up just reading the manga instead.  It would be faster to read the manga instead, which I heard is a lot darker and better then the anime.  I guess that's a first for me, manga first.  Haha. 
So now, I need something new to watch.  Anyone have any good suggestions for slice of lice or comedy shows I could check out?  I've really been into slice of life shows and comedy shows lately and I have been enjoying them a ton.  I'll do some looking around tonight and hopefully something catches my eye.
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July 13, 2009 – Bandai Entertainment Inc. announced today that the recently released Lucky Star

manga Vol. 1 will go back to the presses for a second printing.

“Having previously released the anime with Kadokawa Pictures USA, we knew there were a lot
of Lucky Star fans in the U.S., but the reaction to the manga has been really fabulous and it is a
testament to the amazing characters and unique humor of Mangaka Yoshimizu-san. We are
pleased to announce we are going back for a second printing after only two weeks of release,”

said Manga Editor and Marketing Director Robert Napton of Bandai Entertainment.

Created by Kagami Yoshimizu, the manga has been serialized since 2004 in Japan. As the back
of the cover of the manga states: “The effects of Lucky Star are that you will find yourself
giggling involuntarily and the manga is best for when you want to relax, feel lethargic, or just

spend your time leisurely.”

The Lucky Star anime also continues in August with Bandai Entertainment’s release of the Lucky

Star OVA which continues with new stories following the anime TV series.

About Bandai Entertainment Inc.
Bandai Entertainment Inc. is a subsidiary of Namco Bandai Holdings (USA) Inc. and the premier distributor
of Japanese animation on DVD and programming for television broadcast in North America. Titles include
Code Geass Lelouch of Rebellion, Gurren Lagaan, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Cowboy Bebop, Outlaw Star,
Escaflowne, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, Gundam Seed Destiny, My Hime, and many more.

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ok i just saw this on youtube and i was like "Whoa thats very strange in a cute way" ok but im gonna warn you the aborableness of this vid will blow your mind and has every character in the KH franchise all cute and chibi like from lucky star and that they dance even the organization 13 members so just so you know i warned you and if this freaks you out then ok and if this makes you laugh then good enjoy


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