Finally saw the first episode of this show.

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Ok, so i just saw the first episode of this show after sometime putting it off. So, I finaly saw it on youtube, and I have a few questions:  
1. WTF is the point of this show? So far all ive seen is a 7 minute explanation on how to eat certain foods, The difference between a flu and a cold, and nonsense dribble about videogames, erotic games, and random nonsense. I should note that I love shows like this, so im not really complaining THAT much.  
2. Does this show divert from this model? Or is it always kinda boring yet funny random ass talk?  
3. Are they in highschool? I heard in the first part one of them saying the blue haired girls in 11th grade. Isnt that a junior in High School? They look like theyre in middle school.   
I also learned that,apparently, clumsy is sexy. Also, I do like how they break fourth wall and refrence aniem and  all that. Also, this show is so cute its giving me diabetes. I think my Fav. Cahracters so fair are the blue haired girl and the pink haired girl on the Lucky Channel (I think shes Bi Polar or something).   
Anyway, ill continue to watch the show. It seems like the stupid random ass kinda funny I like.  
  .... Yeah, like over 7 minutes of talking about how to eat certain foods. ..... win?
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