Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer

Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer is a franchise comprised of 1 manga series
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Amamiya Yuuhi is the lizard knight of Princess Samidare, and together they swear to destroy the world. However, the two must battle the evil mage and his golems before they can use the Biscuit Hammer to beat them to the punch.




Asahina Samidare (Anima)
Is a girl that may seen like a self-centered, tough, stubborn girl at first. But actually she is stronger then anyone in this earth she can break boulders and smash monsters. And why? Because she is the princess! In the past she was a sick child that didn't seem like she was gonna last for long but when the mysterious Princess of the beast knights offered her power to her everything changed.
When she was gained this power not only did she gain life but Aldo wants, wishes and dreams. Like her life goal to destroy the earth. This is because she wants to own the earth but since at the moment that is impossible she will destroy the earth there for making it hers. But in order to gain the ultimate power to destroy the earth she must find all the beast knights and destroy these strange creatures that are coming after her called golems and last destroy the biscuit hammer ( the death weapon that will smash he world.) The beast knight at first have faith in their princess especially the lizard knight that has special feelings for her,he keeps this strong feelings a secret form his master but what he doesn't know is that she shares the exact feelings for him too and he is the only person that can possibly stop her.

Amamiya Yuuhi/ Noi Crezant (The Lizard knight)

Is a the first of the beast knights that meet the princess he is also one of the weakest since he has no power to begin with and must practice to gain his own. Even though he may not be the strongest he is very smart and brave. When he met the princess he found out her plan to destroy the earth but he stayed by her side as a servant. But the reason for this is because Yuuhi knows the inside of the princess a d he knows who and what she truly feels and will not list her down. Yuuhi's childhood was a very tough and sad one. When he was young he lived with his uncle but he was not kind. The man was driven mad by his brothers death and gave cruel punishment to Yuuhi as a child. He told him lies about he world and that everyone is a enemy but even though he grew to hate is uncle he would give up anything for him as well. When he met the princess he was released from chains
if his past and became hers. Once they got to know one another he fell in love with the princess and realized that he would be playing a very important role in he end of the world.
General Information Edit
Name: Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer
Name: 惑星のさみだれ
Romaji: Hoshi no Samidare
Wakusei no Samidare
Anime and Manga
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