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Loyd Lloyd is a anime/manga character in the Bleach franchise
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Loyd Lloyd is a member of the Wandenreich's Sternritter force with the designation of "Y" - "The Yourself".


Loyd and his younger Brother Royd when they were children.
Loyd and his younger Brother Royd when they were children.

Loyd is the older twin brother of Royd, and when they were born they were near indistinguishable for one another, being able to unconsciously copy each other perfectly since birth due to a connection they shared. They realised and understood this ability around the time of their 5th birthday, and by their 12th birthday, they realised that they could not only copy one another but were able to copy other people too.

Loyd gained the ability to copy the likeness of others as well as their powers and abilities, while Royd gained the ability to copy the likeness of others including their memories, knowledge and personality. At some point after this they were inducted into the Wandenreichs Sternritter and were both granted the letter of “Y”, which stood for “The Yourself”.


Loyd Lloyd was created by Tite Kubo to serve as a secondary antagonist in his manga, Bleach. His first appearance was during Volume 57 of Bleach, Chapter 502 as a Corpse, 散桜, and Chapter 503 in a flashback, Wrath as a Lightning.

Character Evolution


Loyd, like his brother is a very tall man with a slender physique. His face lacks any notable features beyond the scar present at the centre of his forehead which is hidden by a "third eye", his head is bald and void of any hair, and his ears are covered by what appear to be small circular headphones with a small black trim around the edge. His attire consists of a standard white Sternritter officer uniform which is emblazoned with the insignia of the Wandenreich.

His appearance as a child is much the same, aside from the lack of a scar which would only appear at the age of 12, and a head of light coloured short hair.


Loyds personality is unknown, but assuming he is a perfect copy of his younger brother, he is completely devoted to the Quincy Emperor Yhwach and the Wandenreich.

Major Story Arcs

Thousand Year Blood War Arc

Kenpachi brings the corpses of Loyd and two of his comrades before Yhwach.
Kenpachi brings the corpses of Loyd and two of his comrades before Yhwach.

Loyd first appears during the first invasion of the Soul Society by the Wandenreich. He first appears as a corpse, brought before Yhwach by Kenpachi, but the events leading up to his death are later retold by Kenpachi.

At some point during the first invasion, he is one of three Sternritter to engage Zaraki Kenpachi in combat, along with Jerome Guizbatt and Berenice Gabrielli. After his comrades fell in battle against Kenpachi he activates his unique ability "The Yourself", and transforms himself into a perfect copy of Kenpachi with all his powers and strength. After Kenpachi killed the remaining Sternritter with him, he drags their corpses back to Yhwach and threw them at his feet unceremoniously while mocking their power.

Powers and Abilities


As a commander in the Sternritter, Loyd is a powerful Quincy in service to Yhwach. He is likely extremely skilled in ranged and close quarters combat, through the use of multiple weapons that he is capable of creating thanks to Quincy Reishi manipulation. Like his brother he most likely shares some skill and knowledge of high level Quincy spells such as. the protective spell Kirchenlied: Sankt Zwinger. His most notable ability is the one granted to him by Yhwach. Designated "The Yourself", this ability allowed him to copy the appearance and powers of his opponent to match them in combat, unlike his brother he was incapable of copying their memories, knowledge, and personality. He showed this ability in combat with Kenpachi, where he copied him completely and fought with him until he was killed.


Blut Vene
Blut Vene
Blut Vene - A skill inherently known by all pure blooded Quincy. By allowing Reishi to flow through their veins, a Quincy is able to dramatically bolster their defence to levels where they are able to fend off direct attacks from a Captains Shikai. The defence is not completely absolute however, as sufficient power is able to tear through it, such as power from a Bankai or by a sufficiently powerful individual.
Blut Arterie
Blut Arterie
Blut Arterie - The counter to Blut Vene, a skill inherently known by all pure blooded Quincy. By flowing Reishi through their arteries‘, a Quincy is able to boost their damage potential to incredible levels. Very little else is known about this skill, but it's said to be the only way a Quincy is able to deal sufficient and decent damage to a Bankai wielding Shinigami.
The Yourself
The Yourself

The Yourself - Signified by the letter “Y”, “The Yourself” is a special power granted to Loyd and his brother Royd by Yhwach. It allows Loyd to copy the appearance and power, including abilities, of his chosen opponent, allowing him to match them in direct combat. Despite this powerful ability, Kenpachi has shown that if one can exceed the limits of the copy it can be defeated, and Loyd killed. Unlike his brother Loyd lacks the ability to copy their memories, personality, and knowledge.

General Information Edit
Name: Loyd Lloyd
Name: ロイド・ロイド
Romanji: Roido Roido
Gender: Male
1st manga book:
1st anime episode:
1st anime movie:
Aliases Stern Ritter Y
The Yourself
Loyd lyold
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