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Lovely Complex is an anime series in the Lovely Complex franchise
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height doesn't matter!!! Reviewed by brent1999 on May 16, 2011. brent1999 has written 2 reviews. His/her last review was for Lovely Complex. 5 out of 6 users recommend his reviews. 1 out of 1 user found this review helpful.

Lovely Complex is a romance – comedy anime and one of the best romance comedies there is. It has a fresh and original comedy aspect that cannot be found in other series. It does not contain unnecessary drama and sexual pressures. The anime focuses on the meaning of true love, persistence, patience and loyalty, and is very addictive to watch. The plot of the anime revolves on the ups and downs of relationships and making ups. It shows how love grows, how it endures and how it remains after all the pain and hardships.

The heroine is one that stands out from the rest. She is taller compared to the average girls but that does not stop her from being funny and sweet and playing video games! The protagonist is a really funny guy, hard working, sweet and clueless. He is not a gross pervert that lusts for sex. He also is shorter than other guys in his age. Both of them have too much in common that you would see why they both fell in love for each other.

The story is realistic in the way how friends help each other and how they go through life. From the moment of attraction, to the realization of feelings, to expression of emotions to the coping up with the hardships, you can relate to it. No embellishments or what so ever.

The music used is also great. The background music really fits the mood of certain events in the story. Their favorite singer – rapper Umibozu too got some catchy and funny tunes. The opening and ending theme are also catchy and is appropriate for the anime.

The animation of Lovely Complex is simply great. Fluid movements and facial expressions that could make you crack up. The character design is realistic and fits just right to the personalities. The only disappointing part is that when the finale nears, the animation somewhat devalued. It did not degrade the effect of the story however.

This anime is great having a unique twist in between the plot. Basically, we can predict two endings for any romance anime, a good ending where they both get to live happily ever after or a sad ending where they do not get to settle their differences. The only thing that Lovely Complex is unique with is the differences of the heroine Risa and the protagonist Otani. Every happy ending has path of tears behind them. Watching this anime is more than worth it.

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