Lovely Complex

Lovely Complex is an anime series in the Lovely Complex franchise
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Follow Risa as she tries to win the love of one of her best friends, Otani(Who happens to be shorter than her).

Lovely Complex ("Love Com") follows Koizumi Risa, a very tall girl (172 Centimeters or 5ft 8 Inches), as she falls in love with her best friend Atsushi Otani, who happens to be very short (156 Centimeters, 5ft 1 Inches). This difference in height and their natural habit of always bickering caused them to be labeled as the "All Hanshin Kyojin" a comedy duo who also faced a similar height difference. 
The story starts out with friendly competition to see who between the two of them, could get a boyfriend/girlfriend first, with of course a friendly wage placed on the line. As time goes by Risa notices how much she has in common with Otani and starts seeing as more than just a part of their comedy routine.
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General Information Edit
Name Lovely Complex
Name: ラブ★コン
Romaji: Rabu★Kon
Publisher Toei Animation
Start Year 2007
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Aliases LoveCom
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