Love is a anime/manga character in the Toriko franchise
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Love is one of the members of the IGOs 0th Biotope and is also the Warden of Honey Prison, the largest prison in the Human World.


Virtually nothing of import is known about Loves history beyond the fact that she became the warden of the infamous Honey Prison and was invited by president Ichiryuu of the IGO to join the ranks of the powerful 0th Biotope.


Love was created by Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro as a supporting character for the series of Toriko.

Character Evolution


Loves appearance is dependent on if you are under the effects of her pheromones. While under the effects, she appears as a tall, curvaceous and very beautiful woman with short black hair, black eyes, and pink heart like tattoos on both of her cheeks. For her attire she appears to be wearing her trademark orange bee hat with a small pink heart on the front, a small pink G-string, her high heel pink shoes, and her standard dress that now appears as a form fitting shirt.

While not under the effects however her form changes drastically to that of a very short, chubby woman, a complete contrast to how she appears before. She retains virtually the same attire bar the G-string which is not visible due to her dress and small stature.

The dress itself is a black and yellow stripped dress with 6 pink buttons on the front in 2 lines, and the word LOVE printed in pink letters down the shirt on each yellow stripe.

Major Story Arcs

Mellow Cola Arc

Love first appears during Komatsu and Toriko’s visit to Honey Prison in order to negotiate the release of Zebra. Her appearance shocks Komatsu and Toriko as they both expected someone much larger than her, that is until Love used her pheromones on them to make them believe she was a very beautiful woman, Komatsu however was unaffected by them for a moment. Bringing them too again by snapping her fingers, stating that she has little interest in either of them she briefly tells them about her powers, and when Toriko asks her if she is able to control everyone with them Love becomes emotional stating that the only person she can’t effect with her pheromones is her beloved Zebra.

As she takes them through the various floors of Honey Prison, she tells them that she is reluctant to let Zebra go because of her infatuation with him but as the orders came straight from Ichiryuu himself she has no real choice. Having finally arrived at Zebras confinement cell, Love gets emotional once again at the thought of saying goodbye to Zebra.

As word about Zebra’s release got out to the public, Love is informed by one of her staff only to say that it was to be expected, and that Zebra still has to do something in order to get out in the first place. Sitting down at the celebratory meal Komatsu prepared for them all, Zebra finally arrives only to get into an argument with Toriko. Love takes the chance to use her pheromones on them again and Zebra remains unaffected by them. As they are eating, Love tells Zebra the conditions he must follow for his release, and that he is to find 100 new ingredients and capture 500 wanted criminals. As they begin to wrap up their mean and talk, Love is informed that the “Demon of the Forest” just appeared, and as Love explains to them what it is, Zebra heads out to make short work of it.

Bubble Fruit Arc

Love is seen later at a meeting in the Gourmet World atop a Cloud Tree, where the main Headquarters of the 0th Biotope are situated. As the meeting begins to get underway, Love notes that Chin Chinchin, who was absent due to the attack at the Shokurin Temple, is too difficult for them to kill easily and that he should be fine. And at the end of the meeting, Love and the other members of the 0th Biotope are fired up about their missions as they make preparations to head out into the Gourmet World and begin to retrieve the dishes associated with Acacia's Full Course Menu.

Cooking Festival Arc

With all their final preparations made and their affairs in order. Love and the rest of the 0th Biotope head out into the Gourmet World as the Cooking Festival beings. She along with fellow 0th Biotope members, Tack and Rala, head out to Stardust Road in Sector C to acquire the Gourmet God Acacia’s fish dish, ANOTHER. As Love marvelled at the beautiful landscape, they are interrupted by the arrival of the Gourmet Corps’ Head Chef Kuromado and multiple tamed Nitro who tells her that this is the last sight she will see in the world as she will soon be dead.

As the battle between Ichiryuu and Midora came to an end, we see Love lying on the ground unconscious, having been defeated by either Kuromado and his tamed Nitro, or a wild Blue Nitro.

Powers and Abilities


Love, despite her appearance is a seemingly powerful woman. She is the Warden of the infamous Honey Prison and is able to not only tame the high level beasts that keep the prisoners in line, but also the prisoners themselves. She is also a member of the 0th Biotope, a group of powerful indivduals capable of surving in the highly dangerous Gourmet World, further hinting at her power. She also is capable of some form of flight with her small bee like wings, and despite her size is strong enough to move large objects like her room’s giant door in Honey Prison.


Loves most unique skill is her natural ability to release pheromones that control her target. She is able to affect virtually everyone and everything with these pheromones bar Zebra, who is immune to them for some, as of yet, unknown reason. Due to the strength of her pheromones, she is an invaluable and powerful member for the IGO’s 0th biotope.


Sex Pheromones – Love is able to manipulate people under the effects of these pheromones to believe she is an incredibly beautiful, voluptuous, and curvaceous woman. The pheromones also have a secondary effect that makes anyone affected by them feel a strong sexual attraction towards her.

Tranquillizer Pheromones – With these pheromones, Love is able to calm down prisoners and beasts in Honey Prison with relative ease. While using this pheromone, she takes on her usual sexy appearance of a tall and beautiful woman.

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Name: Love
Name: ラブ
Romanji: Rabu
Gender: Female
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