One Piece #32 - Love Song

is a manga book published by Viz Media that was released on 03/04/2004

Plot Summary

One Piece - Vol. 32

Love Song - 島の歌声 (Rabu Songu)

As the epic battle between the Straw Hats and almighty Eneru moves toward a dramatic finish, the crew must work together if they can ever hope to defeat this powerful enemy. Will they be able to ring the Golden Bell and save Skypiea? Or will this be a foe that even the Straw Hats cannot defeat?

--- VIZ


Chapter 296. High-Altitude Situation.....Pg.

最空局面 (Saikū Kyokumen)

Chapter 297. Praises of the Earth.....Pg.

大地讃称 (Daichi Sanshō)

Chapter 298. Love Song.....Pg.

島の歌声 (Rabu Songu)

Chapter 299. Fantasia.....Pg.

幻想曲 (Fantajia)

Chapter 300. Symphony.....Pg.

交響曲 (Shinfonī)

Chapter 301. I Was Here.....Pg.

我ここに至る (Ware Koko ni Itaru)

Chapter 302. Finale.....Pg.

最終楽章 (Fināre)

Chapter 303. Rich Pirates.....Pg.

金持ち海賊団 (Kanemochi Kaizoku-dan)

Chapter 304. Adventure on a Long Island.....Pg.

長い島の冒険 (Nagai Shima no Bōken)

Chapter 305. Foxy the Silver Fox.....Pg.

銀ギツネのフォクシー (Gin Gitsune no Fokushī)

Moves This Volume

CharacterTechnique Name
UsoppDance of the Fire Stars
WiperReject Dial
EnelKingdom Come
200,000,000 Volt Amaru
Monkey D. LuffyGum-Gum Fireworks - Golden Peony
Gum-Gum Bazooka
Gum-Gum Golden Rifle
Gum-Gum Balloon (unseen)
Gum-Gum Whip
Tony Tony ChopperHeavy Point

Points of Interest

  • The side story of Ace is concluded in the splash pages of this volume.
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