The Five Love Plus Manga I'D Like To See

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So, Love Plus-- the popular Nintendo DS romance visual novel, which turns into a girlfriend simulator once you beat one girl's storyline --is getting not one, not two, not three, but FIVE manga adaptations, all to be published in various Kodansha manga anthologies. According to the latest news, there's one for each girl-- Manaka Days, Rinko Days, Nene Days, plus two others: Girls Talk, and Kanojo no Kano (Her Past).

Which is cool, I guess. You can pick your favorite girl, whatever. But here's how I'D break it up:

 Love Plus with Zombies
Love Plus with Zombies
Love Plus With Zombies - The main character gets stuck in a classroom with all three girls, but the outside is totally crammed with zombies and they all have to escape without getting turned-- or feasted upon! In this edition, only Manaka survives, thanks to her handy skill with a tennis racket.

 Love Plus Z
Love Plus Z
Love Plus Z - It starts out as a goofy romantic comedy, but after a couple of volumes it starts developing into all-out warfare as all three girls fight for the protagonist's affections. In volume 3, a three-way shounen-style fight begins, and does not finish for ten more volumes, at which time the winner is lone wolf Rinko.

Love Plus Blush - This shoujo-style manga would feature mature and reliable Nene as its protagonist. She's smart and intelligent who winds up secretly working at a hostess bar despite being underage. The male hero stumbles upon her unawares and she worries that he'll reveal his secret, but all he does it tease her mercilessly, and occasionally shock her with a startling kiss! "But, but, surely he didn't really MEAN it," she thinks, face flush. 
Magical Girl Satirical Love Plus - The male character makes no appearance whatsoever in this show, in which all three Love Plus gals fight a new monster every week, and teach you a life lesson right afterwards. Super happy sparkle confidence beam, on!       

 The Melancholy of Love Plus
The Melancholy of Love Plus
The Melancholy of Love Plus - All three girls wind up in a weird club and start searching for aliens, while the protagonist whines about being stuck wandering around with three hotties. The girls, completely oblivious, wind up threatening the safety of the world, but our hero saves the planet while maintaining the girls' cluelessness.
Ahh, that'd be sweet. But, well, it looks like they're sticking with the shounen romance manga series for now. But hey, Kodansha and Konami, if you ever want some better ideas, hit me up!
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I see no reason not to combine those five good ideas into a single, awesome one.
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@gia: love plus zombie edition is highschool of the dead, pretty much, just replace protagonist with the main character(forgot his name)
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It's amazing how a DS game can be so popular that is branches out to other mediums. 
I would actually like to see a Love Plus Zombies. My brother has this irrational fear of zombies. It's funny. I'd send him one.
It's not uncommon in the industry though. Mangas become popular and they get made into animes, and vice versa. I'd be interested in examining how many series become more popular then their original format. (i.e. a manga that becomes more popular then the anime it was originally based upon)
A lot of ero games get made into hentai animes.
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They might be able to sell it to me if they made a version like this:  

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I don't care what's it about... I willl buy it just for the art... 
Those girls are beautifly drawn!!! 
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@RockmanBionics said:
"I see no reason not to combine those five good ideas into a single, awesome one. "
You sir are a genius. Now I really want all of the original 5 ideas plus this.
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