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It's about a couple who work at their own separate favorite toy company. However, their romance is forbidden due to the rivalry between these two companies. Will Hatsuhi Ryou and Sawamura Minori's love for each other stay strong or will they lose their jobs and possibly their love?


Koi o Suru no ga Shigoto Desu is created by Chihiro Harumi, and it is published by Takeshobo in Vitaman magazine. It's a romance and ecchi manga with sex scenes that have the genitalia censored.

Koi wo Suru no ga Shigoto Desu is about a young couple whose romance is put to the test due to the rivalry between their beloved toy companies. Ryou and Minori continue to live with each other and love each other through sex and dates while maintaining a secret. However, there are two workers from their company who are in love with the two. For Ryou, Souko Aiko plans to have him become her man. For Minori, Saiga is a rich man who has sex with many of his coworkers decides to make Minori his woman. If the two get caught, they will get fired, and their love will possibly failed.


  • Takeshobo (Japan)

Publishing History

Takeshobo published three tankobon volumes of Koi wo Suru no ga Shigoto Desu from January 17, 2008 to May 16, 2009. It has a total of 24 chapters.


Hatsuhi Ryou
Hatsuhi Ryou
Main male protagonist who works at Takebo toy company.
Sawamura Minori
Sawamura Minori
Main female protagonist who works at BNB toy company.
Natsuki Miki
Natsuki Miki
She's the chief at Hatsuhi's company.
He is Hatsuhi's coworker. He has a crush on Aiko.
Emiri Yuu
Emiri Yuu
She is Hatsuhi's coworker who works on plush toys.
Souko Aiko
Souko Aiko
She is Hatsuhi's coworker who likes Hatsuhi and go to such lengths to make him her man.
Saiga Umetaro
Saiga Umetaro
He's the chief at Sawamura's company. He picks Sawamura for his team; however, he has his eyes on Sawamura and investigates her relationship with Hatsuhi.
He's is Emiri coworker in the plush doll department.
Fukusei is Minori's manager at BNB company.
Book # Name Rating Release Date
Volume 3
May 16, 2009
Volume 2
Sept. 27, 2008
Volume 1
Jan. 17, 2008
General Information Edit
English Name Love on the Job
Japanese Name: 恋をするのが仕事です
Romaji: Koi o Suru no ga Shigoto Desu
Publisher Takeshobo
Start Year 2007
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Aliases Falling in Love is Work
Koiwosuru no ga Shigoto desu

Koi wo Suru no ga Shigoto Desu
Koi o Suru no ga Shigoto Desu
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