Love me tender

Love me tender is an anime episode of Level E that was released on 03/07/2011


With the news that Kyoko is actually a girl, Princess Saki seems to give up her search. However, the Prince shows up in his guard's room to inform him that Saki isn't just giving up. Though Kyoko is physically a girl, she has some male traits that Saki finds attractive, so Saki and her handlers lure Kyoko into their ship and use genetic modification to slowly change her into a full boy. Meanwhile, Saki will be studying the Japanese culture in order to blend in and erase Kyoko's memories of the past few days so it will be a like a first encounter all over again. The end result will be the same--the extinction of Earth--but the Prince comes up with a plan.
 The Dogurans find that Kyoko's new genetic structure is linked with a sort of biological time bomb that will release the virus prematurely if they tamper with it, so they go with Plan B: creating a clone with a genetic marker that will prevent the spread of the Macbac disease, saving the human race while Saki gets to spend her time with the clone. Meanwhile, the original Kyoko will have her memories partially erased again and moved to a different city. Kraft remarks that they probably committed several intergalactic felonies in doing this, but the Prince remarks that he could have easily chosen a more painful strategy.

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Yoshihiro Togashi Original Concept Yoshihiro Togashi is a mangaka who is known for Yu Yu Hakusho and Hunter x Hunter. He is married to Naoko Takeuchi, the mangaka of Sailor Moon
Toshiyuki Kato Director
Yukio Nishimoto Episode Director
Itsuko Takeda Character Artist/Designer
Masashi Suzuki Writer
Kunihiko Ryo Music


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