Love Me or Leave Me

Love Me or Leave Me is an anime episode of Kids on the Slope that was released on 06/07/2012

Love Me or Leave Me

It is Christmas, and Kaoru still thinks that Ritsuko loves Sentaro. Also, Ritsuko almost gives up her feelings for Kaoru and knitting a sweater for him. Junichi announces his plans to leave for Tokyo just after New Years, and never come back. Yurika's parents still forbid her from seeing Junichi, but she does so anyways. A part of her wants to leave with Junichi to Tokyo.

Plot Summary

Seiji and the others play some Beatles
Seiji and the others play some Beatles

Maruo is hosting a Christmas party at his place on Saturday and invites the class to come. The girls seem excited to hear Olympus play. However, Ritsuko declines because the Church is also hosting a Christmas party on the same day. Initially Kaoru also declines to go, but decides to go after all thinking that it would be good for Ritsuko and him to have some distance from each other.

Ritsuko and Sentaro at church
Ritsuko and Sentaro at church

When Kaoru arrives at Maruo's that Saturday, he walks in on Seiji wearing a toga, declaring that they are going to play Spider by the Beatles next. The party seems to consist mostly of the Olympus band members, lots of girls and Kaoru. Kaoru feels out of place since he doesn't know any of the lyrics to popular songs from bands like the Beatles. He wonders what Ritsuko and Sentaro are doing at Church. Kaoru goes home after a while and sees Ritsuko sitting on a park bench. They witness a sailor and a woman embracing and kissing each other in the park. Unfortunately as they are talking, Ritsuko's knitting ball falls out of her bag. Kaoru picks it up and says, "Isn't his birthday coming up soon? I hope you finish it in time." (Kaoru still thinks Ritsuko is knitting a sweater for Sentaro, when she is actually knitting it for him.) Ritsuko calls Kaoru an idiot and runs off. On her way home, Ritsuko dumps her knitting materials in the garbage saying that she would never be able to give the sweater to Kaoru anyway.

Yurika's parents continue to tell her not to see Jun. When Ritsuko returns to the Mukae Store, she sees Sentaro who has been waiting for her. Sentaro gets on his knees and apologizes because he never realized Ritsuko's feelings, and never wanted to hurt her. Ritsuko laughs and figures out what happened, and tells Sentaro not to worry, that he got it wrong, and he shouldn't worry like that because they are like family. Sentaro is relieved. Jun tells Yurika that he will be heading back to Tokyo soon. His upperclassman has started a publishing company and needs his help. Jun thanks Yurika for supporting him. Yurika is sad, but can't bring herself to ask Jun to stay with her, now that Jun is finally getting up on his feet.

Yurika helps Ritsuko
Yurika helps Ritsuko

Yurika sees Ritsuko, who is looking for the knitting materials that she threw out in the public garbage. People walking by notice Ritsuko and wonder whether she is homeless. Ritsuko tells Yurika to go ahead, saying that a beautiful girl like her shouldn't be seen doing something like this. Yurika decides to help Ritsuko anyway. After they find Ritsuko's things, they talk a little while. Ritsuko says she finally realizes her feelings and isn't going to keep waiting around.

While Kaoru is out he sees Jun using a payphone. They chat for a while. Jun tells him that he won't be coming back, and that their music sessions were fun. Kaoru rushes over the tell Sentaro about this, but Sentaro doesn't seem to be phased at all. Kaoru tries getting Sentaro to go see Jun again saying, "Once he leaves you may never get the chance to see him again." (See Note 2) Jun witnesses a student protest against having nuclear carriers docking in Japan. Jun is leaving for Tokyo in a few days but stops by the Mukae Store to see Sentaro and Kaoru again. Apparently Sentaro sent Jun a challenge, and Jun accepted. Then Sentaro, Jun, Mr. Mukae and Kaoru have a good jam session. Kaoru and Mr. Mukae have a hard time keeping up as Jun and Sentaro battle it out with music. After they finish playing, Jun says bye and Sentaro says he'll remember this session for the rest of his life.

Jun heads to take the evening train, and Yurika is there to confront him. Yurika asks him a few questions, one of them is why Jun didn't think to bring her with him. Jun replies by saying he wants her to take care of her life. Yurika figured he would say something like that, and is thankful to Junichi as she goes back to her own world and he goes back to his. Just then, Yurika's parents are at the station looking for her. From what her father is yelling, apparently Yurika had ran out of an marriage arrangement meeting. Jun hears this, sees Yurika crying and quickly pulls Yurika on board the train before it takes off.

Kaoru finds a surprise Christmas present
Kaoru finds a surprise Christmas present

The next day it is particularly cold in the Mukae Store as Sentaro and Kaoru head to the basement for another session. When Kaoru opens up the lid of the piano, he finds a pair of blue knitted gloves placed on the keys tied with a red ribbon. (This is presumably from Ritsuko).


1. This episode uses a new opening with mostly new animation, but uses the same song as in previous episode openings.

2. Sentaro said similar things to Kaoru when Kaoru found out where his mother was, and Kaoru wasn't sure whether to go visit her or not.

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