Love. Kourin Festival

Love. Kourin Festival is an anime episode of Hanasaku Iroha that was released on 08/14/2011

Love. Kourin Festival

Final preparations for the Kourin Festival are underway. Minko buys all of the ingredients for the cooking. Ohana tries helping Minko out and they try cooking a variant of omelet rice to add to the menu. We learn more about Minko's past and a story about omelet rice. Nako and Mizuno hold it down for their class. Tooru visits the maid café on the festival day.

Plot Summary

Minko shopping
Minko shopping

Nako is having trouble sleeping as he has a nightmare about Mizuno's "Sloppy Omelet Rice" painting. In the morning Ohana wakes up and finds Minko is out already. Minko went out early to buy cooking ingredients. Mr. Ren is looking into leather jackets to look cool and mature at the same time. Ohana talks with Tooru before leaving for school. It turns out Tooru hasn't had much experience with Omelet Rice.

On the train to school, Nako and Ohana try asking each other about omelet rice, but the conversation doesn't get very far. When Ohana gets to school, she tries offering her help to Minko, but Minko refuses. At the Kissuiso, Tomoe is also handling two waitresses that are filling in for Nako and Ohana, they seem to be very diligent. Sui talks with Tomoe about the two waitresses. Tomoe is impressed with them, but also comments that some customer do miss Nako and Ohana. Sui is pleasantly surprised by this, but Tomoe says, "Well Ohana has been working here for 6 months now."

Festival preparations!
Festival preparations!

In class Nako helps Mizuno put up her paintings. Nako sees Yuki (the girl who wants to make Omelet Rice) pass by the class. Yuki is with her friends, discussing whether she should apologize to Minko. Mizuno gives Nako permission to go help her friend, saying she will take care of the rest of the paintings. Yuina catches Nako in the hallway and is impressed with the Kissuiso team dedication! Yuina and Nako walk into the class seeing Ohana and Minko furiously chopping onions. Yuki and the girls also walk in after them.

Nako tries making omelet rice
Nako tries making omelet rice

Nako quickly suggests for them to break for lunch, since it is just past 1p.m. She requests to have omelet rice, everyone is surprised by this, but Nako doesn't know why everyone is surprised. Minko shares a story with everyone. When she was a child she went shopping with her mother and they always went to a particular restaurant and she would always order omelet rice. She would always sit at the counter and watch the cook excitedly making her dish. Minko is vindicated when Ohana realizes that the heat from the hot plate in the classroom wouldn't be enough to cook omelet rice. Ohana still wants to cook some sort of omelet rice variant for the customers. Nako suggests some sort of ketchup rice. And Yuina suggests pilaf. Minko is surprised by this new omelet rice, and says she'll think about adding it to the menu.

Back at the Kissuiso office, Tomoe comments on how apparently Minko uses a portion of her savings each month to buy ingredients to practice cooking on her own. Sui comments on how not all people are like Minko and can decide what they want to do so quickly, sometimes there are detours and back tracking. Nearing the end of the day Nako remembers Mizuno and goes to see her. Nako sees Mizuno painting. Apparently Mizuno is painting Nako.

The Kourin Festival opens!
The Kourin Festival opens!

The Kourin Festival opens up well. Ohana's class's maid café is drawing a lot of attention, but Mizuno's art showcase not so much. Tooru drops by the maid café, Minko is noticeably flustered. Minko is even more flustered when Tooru orders an omelet rice. After the day comes to an end, Ohana, Minko and Yuina visit Nako and Mizuno. Just as they are talking, the bonfire outside is lit. Yuina comments to herself, how watching Ohana and the others is like watching a teen drama.

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