Love Hina #1 - Love Hina

is a manga book published by Kodansha that was released on 03/17/1999

Plot Summary

Love Hina Vol. 1

When Kaitaro Urashima fails his entrance exams to get into Tokyo University for the second time, he's officially an unemployed an uneducated slacker. To make things worse, his parents have kicked him out of his house. Fortunately, his grandmother owns the fabulous Hinata House and Keitaro is going to be the new caretaker. What he doesn't know is the lodge is actually a girls dorm and he's the only guy around! Most guys would kill to live with five cute girls, but if Kaitaro's not careful, this job will kill him.


HINATA.1 - Welcome to Hinata House!.....Pg. 007

The story begins with an flashback telling the story about a young boy and a girl who talked about Tokyo University and promised to go there together when they grew up. But in the end the little girl had to leave the boy alone. Fast forwarding 15 years latter and we meet the boy, Keitaro, now with 19 years old.

Keitaro failed the entrance to the University twice in a row and eventually was kicked out of his parents house. Having nowhere else to go he decided to visit his grandma's inn, Hinata Inn, and ask her if he could stay with her.

When Keitaro reached is destination he found Hinata Inn completely empty. After staying a little bit in his grandma house and reviewing his life so far (concluding that he didn't had done anything right in his 19 years of life) he decides to stay a little bit in the Hot Springs.

Just when he was enjoying his bath, a naked girl enters the pool without noticing about the other presence with her.

HINATA.1 -Landlord of a Girls Dorm.....Pg. 081

HINATA.1 - Prep School Surprise.....Pg. 107

HINATA.1 - Kotatsu Complications.....Pg. 127

HINATA.1 - Don't Cry, Shinobu.....Pg. 147

HINATA.1 - Kendo Challenge.....Pg. 167

LOVEHINA -Early Character Designs.....Pg. 187

Nine pages of design sketches with notes on the creation of the Love Hina characters.

  • Midori(Naru)
  • Keitaro Urashima
  • Foreigner - Koalla Su
  • Konno
  • Junior High School Student - Shinobu
  • Aoyama
  • Warden - Aunt Haruka


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