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Love Hina is an anime/manga series created by Ken Akamatsu.

As a child,  Keitaro Urashima makes a vow with his sweetheart that they will meet at Japan's prestigious Tokyo University ( Todai) when they are older. He doesn't, however, count on failing the exams, or indeed on forgetting his sweetheart's name in the decade that follows. Now in his late teens, he is left by his grandmother to look after a student dorm and meets two students, one of whom he suspects is the long-lost love. As Keitaro attempts to re-gain his memories of his one true love, he becomes an object of attention among the other girls at the dorm, who are "characterized" by a standard rack of female anime archetypes.

The culmination of a decade of geek-centered anime, Love Hina is based on a manga in Shonen Magazine by Ken Akamatsu, but it plays like a combination of Tenchi Muyo!, the ronin romance of Sakura Diaries, and the occasional filmic experimentation inspired by His and Her Circumstances. The franchise returned for a one-shot TV special in Christmas 2000.
Series Credits
Person Name Episode Count
Masayo Kurata
Terumi Nishii
Ken Akamatsu

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General Information Edit
Name Love Hina
Name: ラブ ひな
Romaji: Rabu Hina
Publisher XEBEC
Start Year 2000
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Aliases Rabu Hina
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