Mmm, Delicious Harem Comedy Cupcakes

Topic started by gia on Aug. 10, 2009. Last post by Rathany 5 years, 6 months ago.
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Recently Topless Robot spotted some very geeky cupcakes sporting logos from such titles as Ghostbusters and Spawn, and I remember wishing there was some reason I could get away with posting it here.
I didn't figure one out, but a friend of mine just linked me to this post, which features the above cupcakes, among many others. Let's see, from left to right, top to bottom, these are Love Hina's...Tama-chan, Naru, a Love Hina logo, Kitsune, Liddo-kun; Kaolla, some Lucky Charms (hearts, stars, something something moons, right?), Keitarou, more Lucky Charms, Motoko; more Love Hina logo, um... Mutsumi?...Love Hina logo, Shinobu, Tama-chan.

That was all from memory, and I'm a little saddened with myself over it since I never thought the show was all that great. But anyway, check out the rest of the post, with a lot of fun non-anime-related cupcakes, all of which look really tasty (and most of which look fancier than the Love Hina ones, although god knows they're about a bajillion times better than I could do).
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oh man, I love "Love Hina", well the manga. The anime was OK but it never did justice to the manga.
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Mmmmm... cupcakes rule!
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But I still haven't finished my boob pudding!
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Oh, they are Love Hina?  I guess the hearts are meant to be tentens?  I kept trying to figure out what 'rahuhina' could mean.  


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