Ken Akamatsu brings Love Hina online

Topic started by Guest_Author on Nov. 23, 2010. Last post by FoxxFireArt 4 years, 3 months ago.
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Ken Akamatsu -- Negima! Magister Negi Magi and Love Hina -- has announced that he is launching a "J-Comic" website, a website where you can read free manga online. Along with Ryusei Deguchi -- Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi, Akamatsu is working on getting out-of-print manga online to read for free with some advertising support.   
These two manga creators are doing this to try and deal with a situation we are all aware of; the non-authorized scanning and uploading of manga to the internet. They will be working on getting permission from other creators to post their books (in PDF form) on the website and partially use the ad revenues to compensate the respective manga owners. This Friday, November 26th the beta version of the site will allow readers to access the first 14 volumes of Love Hina for free once it's launched.
Akamatsu and Deguchi will formally launch the site on January 10, 2011. 

Source: Ken Akamatsu's Blog   
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I like free.
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Will this service ever be translated into English though?
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@TriforceF said:
" Will this service ever be translated into English though? "
I'm not sure. The blog and all the information was in Japanese, so there's a chance that as this new project begins the manga will all be in Japanese, but keep those fingers crossed, in the long run English will probably an option.
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Not a bad idea.  Maybe some of the manga distributors will do something similar here in the states for out of print manga.  
But from what I understand it has become a problem in Japan.  The publishers seem to be more concerned with Japanesse fans uploading their weekly manga releases to Japanesse population for free, and less concerned for scanlators here on the western hemisphere.
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This is pretty cool. I wonder if he will plan to add Negima! to the list.
Sites such as this are irrelevant in the U.S. if all they provide are the altered and censored versions of stories. I read scanlations, because I'm looking for the authentic story in English. If the US publishers were offering series uncut. I really wouldn't need scanlation sites.
The issue with scanlations are bigger in other countries taking the Japanese scans and translating them. This site not providing series in other languages doesn't seem as if it will be a game changer.
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