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Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions is an anime series in the Even If (I) Am Delusional, (I) Would Like to Fall In Love! franchise
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Something of a mixed bag for me with comedy and drama. Reviewed by Dream on May 31, 2014. Dream has written 157 reviews. His/her last review was for Parasyte -the maxim-. 317 out of 332 users recommend his reviews. 1 out of 1 user found this review helpful.

I suppose things aren't as they would seem on the surface with this series. On the surface, Love, Chuunibyo and Other Delusions appears to be an anime comedy title poking fun of the social awkwardness faced with a growing phase unique to the Japanese culture, in this case Yuuta trying to move on from this awkward phase from his middle school years and encountering a girl in his class undergoing the same delusional phase. For those not in the know, chuunibyo is a growing phase common in mostly second-year middle school students in Japan that develop delusions of grandeur like acting more mature than they really are, those who obsessively follow ongoing trends to try being different or those convinced that they have mystical powers. Many of the focused characters within this series suffer(ed) from the third mentioned element of the phase, with Yuuta and Shinka trying to move on from what they seen as an embarrassing phase in their life at that point. For the first half, the series is mostly focused on comedy with the chemistry between Rikka and Yuuta, the formation of a school club used mostly by Rikka and Sanae to delight in their delusions and encountering several other characters connected to the chuunibyo phase in some form. While I'll give the show credit that it offered something different with its comedy thanks to showing off the delusions experienced by Rikka and Sanae, I wasn't into the comedy to the show for the most part.

The second half to the series is where I got better enjoyment out of Love, Chuunibyo and Other Delusions as it offers up depth to Rikka and Yuuta's characters that explain the reasons for why Rikka became a chuunibyo and gives Yuuta much of her attention. This leads the show to slowly shift into a dramatic mood as Rikka's character back story is a tragic one that is convincingly believable and Yuuta finds himself increasingly pressured by Rikka's family to have her break out of her chuunibyo persona due to their own perceptions of why she developed it. These developments also help to make the romance seemingly developing between the two characters to be more convincing as Yuuta becomes conflicted over his feelings for her and trying to move on from his chuunibyo delusions while entangled in Rikka's family woes, while Rikka is confused over what she feels for him thanks to her chuunibyo delusions. Their relationship is tested in the show's final two episodes when Rikka tries distancing herself from her chuunibyo ways, with the resolution being a bit of a cop-out when things come to an end with the series. Still, the drama and developments for the show's second half saved it from complete mediocrity in my viewing of it.

Being animated by Kyoto Animation, the Chuunibyo sports a good deal of detail and vivid color in the designs of its settings and characters. Character designs are made in KyoAni's typical style, though scenery shots are still pleasing on the eyes with them. The animated highlight for the series come from the occasional bits in the series where we see the delusional worlds of chuunibyo characters come into their play with the mystical powers they believe themselves to possess.

Overall, Love, Chuunibyo and Other Delusions is somewhat of a mixed bag for me. On the one hand, its first half mostly offers unique, yet subpar, efforts at comedy with the chemistry between chuunibyo students and those who are former chuunibyo themselves. But its second half offers up engaging dramatic developments with Yuuta and Rikka that explore the latter's past and offer convincing developments in their relationship that are only hindered by the title's cop out of a resolution. Its a decent enough title on its own merits, but I don't think I have enough interest in the series to be tempted in checking out its second season that came out earlier this year.

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