"Love" Attraction ~The Cruel Mischief~

"Love" Attraction ~The Cruel Mischief~ is an anime episode of Romeo x Juliet that was released on 04/18/2007
In the graveyard, all the servants of the Capulet household kneel before the Lady Juliet Fiamatta Asto Capulet. Conrad reveals that nearly all servants of the Capulet house, and their families, were killed. The servants swore to protect Juliet. The days she turned sixteen and claimed her birthright, they would gather together to overthrow the Montague house and take back Neo Verona. Conrad offers Juliet the Capulet sword, a memento of her father, and the banner of the Capulet house is raised. Overwhelmed by the events and memories of the past, Juliet faints.

Juliet muses over her new identity in a bath. Cordelia enters the room, and Juliet asks her if she was disguised as a boy to prevent from being found out as Capulet's daughter and killed. She asks why did her memories only came back now. Cordelia soothes her friend.

The next day a noblewoman arrives at the playhouse. She sees Willy asleep and berates him. It turns out, she is his mother; she is also a member of the Farnese house. She meets with Conrad; they talk about the living situation of Juliet and her supporters. She clearly allies herself with the Capulets; Conrad thanks her and her family for their financial support. She comments that Juliet is now sixteen. Conrad replies she is safe and sound. Lady Farnese quotes from one of her son's plays, Richard III to be specific, "But I am in. So far in blood that sin will pluck on sin." This hints at the fact that the situation has become so violent and bloody that every action forward will be a sin. Lady Farnese claims to forget what the line was about.

She tells Conrad, Juliet and her companions, are welcome to live at the playhouse for as long as they like. Conrad replies that they have not endured fourteen years simply to live long lives. Lady Farnese comments that his stubbornness is the same as it was fourteen years ago. Upon her departure, she mentions to Conrad that she has heard rumors in the Keep (the palace area) of a "crimson whirlwind" being in the city.

Juliet awakes from a deep sleep. Cordelia says that her fever has broken. Juliet looks to the iris on a table. Cordelia asks if she is going to meet the man again. Juliet says she promised to. Cordelia again asks after the man's identity and where Juliet met him. Juliet answers she met him at the ball, but that they met him before--he rescued them in the market. Cordelia is frightened for Juliet and makes her promise not to meet with him again. Juliet doesn't say anything. Romeo waits for Juliet at the ruins, but she never comes.

At the palace, there is talk about a commoner named Shylock who is attempting to gain a family crest. Mercutio comments that commoners are vulgar people who think everything an be bought with money. Montague uses the metaphor of a grape to describe the commoners. He states that the Montague family oversees the vineyard where the grapes are grown and are free to squeeze them until everything useful is gone. A man protests saying that the common people are starving and thinking about rebellion. Montague responds that he is not squeezing them hard enough; he says that if their only thoughts are on survival, there will be no room for thoughts of rebellion. He then toasts to Neo Verona. Romeo appears, late once again. Montague slaps his son, saying he is sixteen and old enough to assume responsibility for the household. He claims that Romeo is too enthralled wit his new beautiful fiance.

Benvolio asks after Romeo, however Romeo merely downplays the effect of the scene with his father. Montague passes by Mercutio. The Archduke orders Mercutio to tell him if anything about Romeo's behavior is bothersome. Leaving Mercution, Montague enters a secret room which holds a glowing tree. He scoffs at the will of the still unknown Escalus. He states that so long as the Montagues have the blessing of the mother tree, there will be no limit to their prosperity.

In the marketplace, the doctor hands out food to the poor citizens of Neo Verona. A friar passes by commenting on the doctor's good work. He asks where the doctor got all the food. The doctor replies that the "wind" brought it. His wife adds, that it is the Crimson Whirlwind who brought it since her husband treats his wounds. Montague guards enter the scene and arrest the doctor for being in league with the Crimson Whirlwind. He is taken off to prison.

Antonio races to Juliet's room and tells her that the doctor has been imprisoned. The two rushed off, Juliet dressed as the Crimson Whirlwind. The doctor is being beaten and interrogated by the guards. The Crimson Whirlwind crashes through the ceiling and fights off the three guards. Carrying the doctor, he breaks down the prison door. They run up to the roof. There seems to be no way down. The guards move in on the two.

Suddenly Romeo sweeps down from the sky. He demands to know what the commotion is. A breeze sweeps through, and Romeo detects the scent of irises. He declares that he will capture the Crimson Whirlwind and bring him to the Archduke himself. A sword fight ensues during which Romeo whispers to the Crimson Whirlwind that this is a mock fight. Romeo says that there is a canal below, and that  they are going to jump in it. Romeo makes it look like he falls off the roof into the canal dragging the Crimson Whirlwind with him. Crimson also pulls the doctor along with them. The guards are stunned and hurry to search for Romeo.

Romeo, Crimson Whirlwind and the doctor swim safely out of the canal. Romeo says it's the first time he's done something so rash. The Crimson Whirlwind says that Romeo saved him again. Romeo replies, "So you'll thank me this time." The doctor thanks Romeo and says he cannot believe the son of Montague would save the Crimson Whirlwind. Romeo simply smiles, saying don't mention that he helped them. Crimson Whirlwind is shocked by Romeo's true identity and falls to on his knees to the ground.

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Carly Hunter Producer (English) Carly Hunter is an anime producer for the FUNimation company.
J. Michael Tatum ADR Director (English) J. Michael Tatum is an American voice actor, ADR director, and adaptive script writer. Major voice acting roles include Kyouya Ootori in Ouran High School Host Club, Isaac Dian in Baccano, and Shizuka Doumeki in xxxHolic.
Stephanie Sheh Adaptation A American voice actress known for the voice of Orihime Inoue from Bleach.
Christopher Bevins Producer (English) Christopher Bevins is an English voice actor and ADR director working for FUNimation Entertainment.
Reiko Yoshida Series Composition Also helped to write the script.
R. Bruce Elliot ADR Director (English) This is his first experience with ADR Directing.
Miharu Hirami Writer
Kurasumi Sunayama Writer
Yumiko Ishii Animator
Antimere Robinson Designer Designed the DVD Menu for the English release.
Gen Fukunaga Executive Producer Gen Fukunaga is a US executive producer for the FUNimation company.


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