InuYasha #18 - Love and Lust

is a manga book published by Shogakukan that was released on 07/07/2004

Plot Summary

The demon Naraku's origin as a human may prove to be his secret weakness, as the priestess Kikyo has begun to realize. Can the evil mastermind bring himself to kill the woman he one desired, or will residual lust prove his downfall? Then, Inu-Yasha may have to make a similar choice between his lost love for Kikyo and a possible future with Kagome!

Chapter Titles

  • Scroll One: The Enemy in the Earth
  • Scroll Two: Pulverize
  • Scroll Three: Kikyo's Crisis
  • Scroll Four: Onigumo's Heart
  • Scroll Five: Jealousy
  • Scroll Six: The Soul Shield
  • Scroll Seven: Where They First Met
  • Scroll Eight: Kagome's Heart
  • Scroll Nine: The Castle's Ghost
  • Scroll Ten: Kohaku's Memory


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Rumiko Takahashi artist, cover, writer,


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