Lotte no Omocha! Characters

Lotte no Omocha! is a franchise comprised of 1 anime series, 1 manga series
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Astarotte Ygvar

A young princess succubus who, at the age of 10, must start her own harem.

Asuha Tohara

Asuha is Naoya's 10 year old daughter, Naoya brings her to Alfheimr with him.


Cuthfleda is the maid of Astarotte Ygvar.

Elfreda Mirjasdottir

Elfreda Mirjasdottir is a maid of Astarotte Ygvar.

Griselda Reginhard

Griselda Reginhard is the chief of the guard for princess Astarotte Ygvar.

Ingrid Sorveig Sorgríms

Ingrid Sorveig Sorgríms is a little bunny girl who is known as the wisest sage in Astarotte's Toy.

Judith Snorrevik

Judith Snorrevik is a character from the anime series Astarotte's Toy.

Mercelída Ygvar

Mercelída Ygvar is the mother of Lotte and Asuha.

Naoya Tohara

Naoya Tohara is the first human to be selected for Lotte's harem.


Olaf is the butler of Astarotte Ygvar's family.

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