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Enter Carp, Exit Carp Reviewed by EganTheVile1 on Sept. 10, 2010. EganTheVile1 has written 11 reviews. His/her last review was for The girl in the dark. 15 out of 17 users recommend his reviews. 2 out of 2 users found this review helpful.
Well this was an awesome episode for sure, it had all the makings of a memorable Voltron episode, cool new bad guy, Voltron loses a fight, and yet it has one great flaw, but I'll get to that later. Lots of spoilers to be had on this review as usual.
So the episode starts with Zarkon, Lotor, and the often seen but rarely significant Mogor watching a bunch of Doom pilots performing an air show for Zarkon's benefit, when all of the sudden one pilot shows up, blasts the others out of the sky, and swoops in over the King, Prince, and Mogor's heads, said pilot is Carp, a hot-shot pilot who self admittedly does not play by the rules. Mogor is furious with Carp and is about to kill him, but Lotor was impressed by the pilots skills, and so is Zarkon, who also finds Carp's arrogance refreshing. So the short of it is Carp is offered his own Robeast Mech, and accepts, but he has conditions attached, his Robeast must be custom built to his exact specifications and he will be made the ruling Governor of Arus upon his victory over Voltron. So now we see Carp and Mogor looking over Haggar's new Robeast, Carp is less then thrilled and immediately wants changes made, which aggrivates Mogor greatly, but Haggar sees no problem with Carp's two requests (apparently Carp makes demands in pairs LOL) The Robeast must be red "I only fly red ships" Carp states, and it needs more windows, Haggar's magic simply solves the color change, and she says she will have more windows put in (gotta love that a "custom built" robeast to Carp only meant some aesthetic changes to an existing one) And with that Carp is off to Arus.  
So on Arus we have some typical team banter filler among the Voltron Force until they are alerted to a town being attacked by Carp and his Red Robeast (this is toned down from the GoLion version a bit, as in the original Carp clearly kills several people) and thus they form Voltron and intervene. Carp is less then intimidated by Voltron, he even goads the team into using the Lion Head Attack, and simply out-maneuvers it, he then proceeds to fly into a canyon with Voltron in pursuit and outflies them to the point that Voltron crashes, and the Green Lion is pretty mangled up in the process. At this point Lotor recalls Carp thinking this was a pretty successful test run for the pilot (yeah cause retreating when you are kicking Voltron's arse and giving the Voltron Force time to make repairs and think strategy makes a ton of sense right?) So Carp makes his exit and the VF are a bit stunned by the loss at the hands of this dark horse.  
Back on Doom, a officers only event is being held and Mogor is super-pissed about a certain attendee, that's right Carp, Lotor personally invited him and Mogor is very offended since he is an officer who earned his status and Carp was not even an enlisted soldier of Doom prior to the day before, Lotor tells Mogor in no short words however that Carp's fame will overshadow Mogor in no time at all. 
Back on Arus the team repairs the damaged Green Lion and talks strategy (what did I tell you earlier!) Carp obviously was not exploiting some flaw in Voltron, none of the VF screwed up (think they were looking Allura's way for a second as usual when someone messes up) Carp attacks again, this time drawing the team into space and to a trap of a vast mine-field, Voltron is too large and difficult to maneuver in this situation so the team disengages, navigates the mine-field in 5 seperate lions and re-assembles Voltron, a battle ensues with Carp, guessing you assume the blazing sword puts an end to this right? WRONG! The team uses the Lion Head Attack, which Carp evaded earlier, again... this time the heads have some added speed to them (again, WTF is up with Lotor recalling Carp when he had them on the ropes earlier?) Carp's robeast goes boom (him with it in GoLion) and Mogor is sporting an ear to ear grin, obviously happier with Carp's demise then he would have been had Voltron been defeated. 
The Verdict: 
Good: Well written, animated, dubbed... Carp was an excellent character and made for great entertainment. Hasty edits and cuts that sometimes make Voltron episodes look cheesy compared to GoLion were not noticeable here, leading to a very fluid feel to the animation. 
The Bad: Carp is only a one-shot character, you'll be left wanting more of this bad-guy afterwards, but maybe that should be considered a positive as well. Only major dialogue change worth mentioning is that Zarkon makes the comment "You've got balls" to Carp in the original Japanese version. 
Great episode... I rarely will say this but I have to, perfect score 5 out of 5 for either the American or Japanese version!
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